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November 15, 2006



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Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You are such an awesome teacher! I am sure all of the girls loved it as well as you. Loved the picture in the tub!

meredith h

Ooohhh...can't wait to see your post of your little album :-)

Julie Hickey

LOL! Had to laugh at the "mariners" comment. It's actually Maritimers :) (and I'm one myself, now living in Ontario). Looks like a good time was had by all :)

Tina MacGougan

Hi Christy: Love your pictures. I think our Get-er-Done group will be talking about Scrapgala for the next year. You are part of our memories. Thanks for "coming" shopping with us and for sitting next to me at the movies, even though it was a dumb movie. Thanks for everything!! A scrap sister forever.

Cari Locken

Sounds like you had a blast!!! How fun!!!!
Sorry about the customs thing!! (that's frustrating and sometimes a bit scary too) But at least you're home now, right?

Isn't Canada a great place? Now you just need to come to Alberta!! ;)


So glad I had a chance to get to know you, Christy...and to laugh and cry together. Looking forward to seeing you in Anaheim!

Jill Godon

I'm so jealous :) Glad you had a great time!


What fun it is to read this entry in your blog. It truly was a wonderful weekend, one I hope to do again sometime. Loved your classes.




These are great photos. They say a lot. You are a doll!

Tina McDonald

LOL at the "mariners" comment!! Maritimers we are... mariners we are not! LOL!!! It is so YOU to say that!!
You are awesome! Sorry you've been sick... but glad you got some family time! Get some rest girl!


so glad you had a fun time, Christy!! :) Sounds like an absolute blast!! Now come teach in Illinois, will ya?? I would definitely volunteer to be your TA! :)

Christine Campbell

LOL, oh, that picture.
Sorry you got the flu, I was home sick yesterday and not feeling too hot today either, I can tell ya.
But, I had SO MUCH FUN on Sunday!! Thanks for having lunch with me, and letting me pick your brain. :) Hopefully I will see you before too long!!

love to ya,


Gotta add my 2 cents I guess. I'm sorry to hear you haven't felt well! But what a great weekend it was! I miss you all so much already. I loved looking at all of the pictures here...


Christy, it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to meet and hang with you. You so rock, sista - and the serenading - well, now, I think I have never laughed and cried so much at the same time before. Thanks for being awesome and so easy to be around. Hope to meet up soon! XO!


Christy you are such a joy! You kept me laughing all weekend! The weekend was amazing, we all bonded so quickly, like Nicole said "Friends for Life". Thank you so much for coming & hopefully we'll see you very soon! Luv Tash


Sounds like so much fun!!!
I hope to see you sometime during the holidays! Let me know if you are coming up. I'll be home the first week of December!


Christy - Hanging out with you was definitely one of this weekends highlights so glad I can now count you as a " scappin sista" now. You made me laugh way too many times to count, and you are so sweet and kind as well. Can't wait to hook up again for some more crazy fun... Your pal in Arizona Tena

Nicole LeBlanc

Hey Girl; Me and my mom will not soon forget this weekend, the atmosphere was like nothing we ever experienced, it is like everyone clicked and what an awesome group of special ladies we all are. Friends for life because of this amazing thing called Scrapbooking. Thanks for inspiring!!
Luv Nicole and Rachel
(Get R' Duns)

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