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January 16, 2007



love that book!!!

Tanya Webster

ooooh, i would love this if you are selling kits?? are you? hmmmm??? I'll send an email too! :) T


yohoo!! We miss hearing from you!! Hope you're still making it to the gym while you are swamped with work. :)

Kim Rose


Hey girl! I am so sorry I missed this one. How do I sign up for future notices? I have been trying to e-mail you privately. Send me a message when you can chat!
You rock!
Kim Rose aka: (crazy CKU gal)


Fab, fab, fab little book!


Try your dip with pureed cottage cheese instead of sour cream. It tastes so creamy- like cream cheese- and has even more protein and good stuff. I admire you for working out consistently. I'm going to try so hard to make myself do that, and eat better, after I have my baby in June.


Thanks so much Christy! I had a blast and can't wait to just scrap with you sometime! I always learn something new with you.

Cari Locken

Sounds like you had a great weekend.

BOY! I would LOVE to take one of your classes! I KNOW that I would love it! I'm going to be teaching my 1st class in February. Excited but nervous too!

Good for you on the exercise thing too. Keep it up! ;)

deb munn

Your projects look amazing!! Can't wait to check out your online class :)
Glad you and all the ladies had such a great time at your home. How fun! Sorry I missed it... you're a long way from Boston!
I will definitely be trying out your recipe... sounds so yummy! Thanks for sharing :)


Oh and I forgot to say that your spinach dip was FANTASTIC!


Thanks so much, Christy! Had a wonderful time! Thanks for posting the little sneak peek LOL! Can't wait to take that one!

Tammy Dixon

LOVE the three heart book. So cute!


Thank you again, Christy, for such an awesome weekend...if only it could be like that every day!


YES - Christy this weekend was so super fun! You are even more AMAZING than I thought you would be! I am so up for going to Alicia's or even just hanging out (hint, hint!)LOL! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!


holy smokes, that book is *cute*!

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