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April 10, 2007



Beautiful story Chrissy.


Oh you are truly blessed. I say it was God's Light who brung you and melody together, It was God who lead you to the board where you posted at, It was God who let Melody read it and it was God who brung your closer.Blessings only come from God and he knew that was your light.

I am still waiting for God to bless my big break and when he does, I will surely be humble and thankful like you.

Keep up the great work!

Lisa Davolt

Loved reading this life story. As far as I'm concerned, you earned what and where you are. You are honest, put yourself out there, and you are real! You are very talented. I also love reading the personal favorite memories of everybody on the next post. Some amazing stories!
Thanks for sharing & being here.

julie k

what a cool story! tfs! :)

Dondi Murdock

Dear Christy,
It did help that your husband already knew Melody; however, if you had no talent, you would not have been an asset to Melody. If you had not been kind and compassionate, you would not have been as asset to Melody. We are all where we are because of people we know. Someone loving gave birth to us! Someone cared enough for us to get enough nuitrition for us to grow the necessary skin, bones, etc. and someone cared enough to get us born in a clean, healthy environment. That's just for starters.

How about all the caring that our families have given us during our lives? How about all the teachers and family members who have added immensely to us? How about the liberties we enjoy in this country? We did not write the Declaration of Independence or fight in the Revolutionary War our own selves, did we?

My point, Christy, is that all of us have benefitted from all the wonderful people in our lives. We share the same religion. I think that Heavenly Father planned for you to have all these experiences. Neal Maxwell once said, "Heavenly Father IS in the details of our lives." I have seen that again and again in my own life and in my family's circumstances.

I think the people who said those petty comments are just jealous. They will only get the blessings they need by having grateful hearts, being humble, and asking Heavenly Father what He wants them to do with their lives. It's a pretty simple formula for success, isn't it? Naturally, one does have to work very hard. You worked very hard to develop your many talents which you share to help others develop theirs.

There is so much intelligence and talent in the world. No one needs to put anyone else down because we can all get as smart and as talented as we want to, if we work hard and develop the lives our Heavenly Father wants us to. It always involves sharing which just adds to our own knowledge because blessings pour in when we give with an open heart.

I hope you didn't get an achy heart from those meany people. Send them to my classroom and my second graders will set them straight about being nice! Dondi Murdock

Lisa D.

wow, what an incredible story...thank you so much for sharing!!


I am one of your many lurkers...but this time I had to write a comment. I loved your story. Thank you so much for sharing!


What a great story. Just goes to show you should stay open minded when meeting people, and to truly listen to them and not to be quick to judge. You never know who and what they will become in your life and what you might become in their life. Also, you do deserve to be where you are in the industry. You are very talented and regardless of how you got there, you had to prove yourself once you were there. If you hadn't been able to be to carry out the tasks and projects you were asked to do...you wouldn't be doing what you do now. I'm sure glad you are in the industry, you give me lots of inspiration. Bless you!


What an incredible story!
I think that is just so funny that Melody dated your husband....and if my husband dated someone that beautiful I would have been jealous too. Isn't it nice to see that you both are such beautiful women on the inside as well as the outside?!
I admit I was very sad when you left Chatterbox, they were my favorite right next to KI.
Your daughter's comment was heartbreaking and I can totally understand your need and desire to be home.
I met you once at a CKU (Master's-Nashville) you were indeed a great teacher and down to earth....the kind of person I could easily be friends with!
okay this is turning into some long comment....I read often but never comment so I guess I am making up for that huh?
Thanks for sharing your story!

Ivette S.

Hi Christy!! I admire your sincerity and openheartness (is that a word?) in everything you say and do!!!
Talk to you soon (when I find the email).

Ivette S.

Amber Winward

So awesome Christy! Thanks for sharing- so inspirational and I loved reading it. THanks again!


Christy, I've always wondered on that story, How you became in the scrapbooking industry. When you left CB, I thought, how could they survive with out you? When you think of Chatterbox, you think of Christy Tomlinson. I bought "coming Home" right when it first came out, before Christmas, And I absolutley have loved it! You (and Heidi)have been my most favorite Celebs from the get go. I love you because you are so down to earth, and I do relate to you alot. The first time I met you was at the CKU in Utah, in 2005, (with my sister in law Alicia King). We actually swaped dieting secrets, (still working at that). Thanks for sharing your story, and we'll see you on June 8 & 9th in IF. love ya tonz!!!


Amazing story! And can I just say I CRIED! Thank you so much for sharing!

Chris Pozzi

What a great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you so much for sharing it!...

Julie Ann Shahin

I saw a link to your story from the scrapscene blog! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!



The story is so amazing and so true to how life just happens and paths cross and God plays a huge role in what is laid out for you. You were just a player in the "master plan" and I think that is amazing.

I met you in 2004 at a scrap event at the Mall of America. I could tell you were both such good friends and so connected to one another...and I was jealous of that. To be in the industry, with your best friend? WOW. It is wonderful to hear how appreciative you are and humbled by the experience itself.

I hope you continue to grow and prosper. Thanks for sharing your story.



Christy your story is amazing, I'm so glad you shared it with us. What a wonderful amazing adventure you have taken, and are still taking. I do know I must share your story with a dear friend of mine, that is still in the learning process of this business and has been feeling so lost, and has starting to doubt her talent. I think if she reads your story, it may give her some strength to continue to believe in her talent.

May your journey continue to be bright, and may it continue at the speed that makes you happy.

fran heupel

I loved reading your story!
I'm sure Chatterbox misses you dearly. Loved the easter picture of your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing such a great story of how it all began. It souds like you are very passionate about your work, teaching and being a mom of six.
Congrats to you.

Fran Heupel

cindy b.

AWESOME story Christy!! Love reading stuff about people being "connected" - love, love, love it!!


Awesome story, and thank you for sharing :) And really, I don't think you'd stay in the industry for so long if you didn't really deserve it for being you and your personal skills....connections or not..so kudos to you :)

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