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May 11, 2007


Vickie Coonfare

I like to do the same thing. It's nice to look through any time. Your's looks so nice.


LOVE your latest layout!

Sue Tonga

Hi Christy, I love your inspiration book. Thanks for sharing it with everybody. I hope you are taking care of yourself.


Love the inspiration book idea. Thanks for sharing. You better take it easy, girlfriend...so you are all better soon! :)jw

Cindy Johnston

Just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day and please take it easy! :)
Love reading your blog regularly! Always inspirational!
You take care! It's so hard for us mothers to just SLOW DOWN!


sooo need to update mine! lol - I should also make it all cute like yours. Mine is just black. lol :)

I am so happy you did this too!! :)

laura vegas

love the look of your binders! i have a few binders put together with sections for some of my favorite scrappers ... articles i enjoyed ... projects i want to try. but i have to admit that most of the pages i tear out of my magazines are all just stuck in a drawer! lol! i always stay on top of cleaning out my magazines though ... otherwise i just have too many piled up!

take it easy this weekend christy! happy mothers day!


I have an inspiration book from scrapbook mag cut-outs I divided them into categories-holidays, designers, love, family, etc and made labels for the categories using those clear index tabs on white cardstock and them put them in a 3 ring binder. I used glue stick to put my cutouts on to the white cardstock. I just forget I have it and I need to use it more often!!**Christy you need to take it easy!!

fran heupel

Love your inspiration book.
Hope you have a great Mother's Day with your family. Please take it easy and get better soon.

Fran Heupel

Maria from Norway

I love your inspiration book! Thanx for showing us!!!!
(ps still running to my mailbox everyday..sometimes pagages from over the pond so sloooow. I'm starting to wonder If the ladies at custom might be scrapbookers *lol*)

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