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May 25, 2007


cindy b.

Christy, stupid question here: is there an album included in the Lessons Learned kit (option 1?) and is the size 8x8? Thanks so much!

Cindy B.

ps. LOVE the note from your kiddos!!

Cindy C. T.

Where do you teach the classes in person? I live in Utah and would love to attend one!


Thank you for offering these kits! I have been checking your blog constantly so I wouldn't miss them.

Maria from Norway

How sweet kids you have!! Hope you make a scrapbook page with the notes you got on the door and post it in your blog..

Have a nice weekend!!!

Pam C

I also would like to see a glimpes from the Lessons learned kit, I have seen alot of your work and love it. Have a nice weekend.


I've been waiting for you to put the "Lessons Learned" kit up--such a great combination of papers. Also, I was hoping you'd offer the pocket book kit again. Needless to say, I ordered them both!
I really enjoy your blog. Your entry about chores gave me lots of good ideas, some of which I've already implemented, and some which I'm going to add when summer break starts. And no, I don't think you're asking too much of your kids--you're preparing them for adulthood better than most of us and teaching them that families help each other.

Rachel Kulak

Wow thanks so much for offering them! I don't suppose you could give us more glimpses of the "lessons learned" kit to entice us... Have a great weekend!

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