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August 09, 2007


Donna Murdock

Dear Christy,
Wouldn't it be so great if all your blogger friends could all be there for you this next week and spend just two or three hours each helping you pack/unpack and cleaning? You would be done so easily and fast! Plus you would feel so connected with all of us. If wishes could only come true--if only the internet could link us physically just for a little while...


my darling...
just wanted YOU to know how i LOVE you...the things you said about me on your blog TOUCHED me...Thank you for YOUR expmple to me...
kiss kiss
ps i am ALWAYS here for YOU...

Susan Dingess

How bad can just around the corner be!!!??? My DH was in the home building business; we moved so often; 17 times in 10 years. We would move into houses in various subdivisions he was building in. Long story! But, the hardest move was next door! I, too, thought that would be easy, so I didn't get any boxes together. Everything just ended up being carried next door and dumped; it was the worst ever! But, you have fun and enjoy. I did see the picture on your blog of the new house and the yard is beautiful.

I am anxious to get the kit. I will be out of town when you send it, but my mail is being held.

Thanks. Enjoy.


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