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September 12, 2007


Allison K

Sounds like a great column!

Amy Johnson

"Allie turned 8 on Monday and will be baptized next month on the 13th! She is really excited and talks about it all the time. She is such a great girl.. we butt heads alot.. but she has sure changed this school year as far as her "whining" sessions. "

This excerpt from your blog - WOW we really should get our girls together LOL. Haley turns 8 on the 21st and wow does your description of your Allie describe her!!! TO A T! Craziness. Hope amongst all your chaos you are enjoying it. Can't wait to get the kit, looking forward to seeing your new column!!

Cindy C. T.

Any news on the scrap retreat? Drove past Shelly on the way to Yellowstone and thought of you! Looks like a cute town!


love the los! def gotta go get this issue to check you out! Congrats to Braden on his game! PS-my lil one is a Brayden too!


Love this layout! I'm definately scrap-lifting it!

lori jolley

I saw the layout, too! Very fun! Get some rest girl! Let me know when I can help - isn't that what friends are for?

Cari Locken

Love the new column!! Just picked up my copy of the new BH&G the other day! It's fabulous!


Well if you have a regular column in BHG - I am so getting a sub now!
WHY CHRISTY? WHY do you always twist my arm into buying stuff!
I am glad to hear that you are still alive!
See you soon!

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