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December 15, 2010



Congrats to the winners....praying their souls and everyone's souls will be restored in a miracluos way!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy, Joyful New Year.

God bless you,


Congrats winners!
I can't wait until the class begins!


Looks great! Congrats to the winners :)


Melanie! There are a couple she is reading right now! I will find out and let you know :) she found about 10 that night that she wanted!

Mary Pat Randall

I absolutely LOVE your Christmas Mixed Media Canvas'!!!!!


Loving your work! :) So fun to see what you are doing.

Time gets away from us all . . .

My 11-year old DD is a huge bookworm! She is looking for some new reads to dive into over the Christmas break? Any good ones that your daughter loves?

Gwen T

Love your mixed media pieces, I used to do more many moons ago. I am getting back to being creative for the fun of it and taking sewing classes (I also signed up for the Soul Restoration, thanks for making me aware).


Allie Belle.. love it
Allie is my first
Belle is my second

beautiful beautiful inspirational pieces Christy!!


i HATE sneak peeks too miss christy.
i want the whole thing and i want it NOW!
it looks awesomely wonderful.
hope you had theee best time at barnes and noble.
big loves to you.

Dawn B

I love this sneak peek. I am so anxious to see your tutorial because I so want to learn the basics of doing a canvas. I love all the ones you have shown photos of lately and I just keep seeing more and more. It is on my list of things to accomplish in 2011, Sheryl is going to help me with my lists:) And with your tutorial, oh score!!!
Thanks for all you do.

Courtney Walsh

Oh, Christy, so unfair. Show the whole thing! :)

My Sophia is a big reader too. Tonight I got home from Christmas shopping and she shoved a book in my face and said "MOM. You HAVE to read this." Apparently she loved "Out of my Mind" because she read it in two days. Maybe Allie would like that one too. :)


Looks fabulous. Can't wait for the reveal.


thank you for the opportunity to win this class.
congratulations to the winners.
hoping you enjoy your bookstore date...sounds fabulous!
eager to see more of your wonderful art.


I am so anxious to see everything!!!

Christa Krais

1. I totally understand the general inability to estimate the actual time it will take to complete a project (read: Christmas cards).
2. You do such BEAUTIFUL work.
3. I love you.
4. Merry Christmas!

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