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December 20, 2010


Serena Berry

Hey Christy! LOVE your creations. Just got linked up with your blog and I look forward to reading it often and seeing more of your beautiful creations.
Much love and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!


Holly S

your leather bracelets are so wonderful! Wishing I were a neighbor too!

jennifer h

Those are gorgeous! Can't wait til you have them in stock!!

Stephanie O.

Beautiful designs! I love those wrist bands, and can't wait for you to start carrying them in your store. And ohhh how I would have loved to be one of those winners for the soul restoration class. I have been wanting to take it, but financially just can't swing it this time. Hoping they will offer it again at some point......so if the winners don't come forward I am here!!!!


i just LOVE LOVE LOVE you. why can.t you be my next door neighbor?



Your creations are pretty amazing, young lady!!!! :)

Christy tomlinson

Hey girls! I actually buy them wholesale. But we will be carrying them in our bead store coming in January. They also have them on etsy! They are around $10 I think for blank ones.. I'll post the link !

Elisha Wiggins

Those leather bands are awesome! I want to know too where you got them? Also, I would be happy to take one of those Soul Restoration classes off of your hands....I was really hoping that I won!

Kris Pare

Christy, those bands are gorgeous! Can you share where you got the leather one's? They are awesome width. Thank you for sharing!


Love the leather and vintage touch! where did you get the leather blanks? Gorgeous!!!!!


oh my GOSH sis...those arm bands are soooo so cute! I wanna make one when I come to visit tomorrow!! :)

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