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January 14, 2011



I am inspired by blog spots, paper, color and children. Love the bag and would love to have it and not make it myself! I'd rather be scrapping! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


I love Shabby Chic prints...I love the randomness of most of them....so cool!


Love it! i'm inspired by words in books too- vintage, old, new, doesn't really matter. I use them in my bird art.


I am often inspired by beautiful photographs of ordinary things, especially when the objects are presented in a fun and unusual way. I am also inspired by anything that is vintage and reminds me of my childhood...most especially of my mother. I also love words so your purse made me smile with delight. I love the colors and most especially the words. I would be proud to carry this bag, but even if I don't get that chance, your picture made me smile!


I just found the. Cutest jars at di. Score! Love the pure

Serena Berry

you have good style girlfriend. I, too, love love love thrift stores. I could spend all day going from shop to shop.

I am taking the Mondo Beyondo dream lab and that is inspiring me to dream big and take action. Love it.

Have a great weekend!


Oh how bright and cheerful that bag is! Perfect way to chase away the winter-time blues! Like a pink umbrella amongst all the black umbrellas!

Liz Oram

blogs, magazines, cute paper, and music :0) thanks for the opportunity!


Cute things really inspire me. Also bright colors inspire me..

Heather Beasley

Lately I've been inspired by graphic signs - outdoors mostly. I am also inspired by prints on clothes I see at the store. I'm VERY inspired just looking at your blog, Christy! Thanks for the giveaway.


wow, the bag is fabulous!! I'm inspired by you! :)


ohhhhh, so scrumptious.
and i'm very inspired by big, bold colors - big!


Wow great job, I need to dig out my sewing machine! I love to find colours on the web. I type in a colour in google images ( btw my daughter had to show me this) and what comes up is so cool. the colour combos in some clothes, especially my daughters it seems, this is how I put colors together when I make cards..hey it works!! :)

Melissa Mueller

What inspires me is creative people like u that share your innovative ideas. The patterns on the bag u made are awesome! I see cards and scrapbook pages too :) thank u for the opportunity and have a wonderful and crafty weekend!

Dale P

Blogs inspire me!!! I love to read them and get such great ideas!
Love the bag


That my dear...totally rockz my world! I can see me using that all over town! Do sign it for me!! It's people like you that inspire me, the ones that share and teach and inspire my mind to do things that I wouldn't try otherwise, thank you!


For one, you are inspiring! I love that bag. I'm inspired by color and patterns. I know I am in a good place when I see 'color'. I'm really glad your blogging more. Hugs!


YOUR CREATIVE LEAP inspires me to do the same! I have really been making my art, scrapbooking, photography, etc. a priority this year and you inspire me to keep at it, thanks Christy!! Love this bag, its a must!!!


Love all the thrifty finds! My goal this year is to find cool things to fill all my nooks & crannies up with! Thanks for the inspiration! The bag is darling!

Laura King

YOUR COLORS inspire me! Looking at your blog and web site always gets my mind going with ideas. Even if I don't win the bag, I may have to make a scrapbook layout with similar colors and designs...

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