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April 06, 2011


Karen Kuschel

The concept of "paying it forward" is so awesome! It is truly in the giver that receives :) If my comment is chosen, I am already signed up, but I will definitely pay this forward to my daughter who is slowly putting one foot in front of the other on her way to a degree in Art Therapy. She would love this class, I'm sure. Thanks for all your inspiration.


What a really generous pay it forward gift Christy. Thanks for the chance to win


How fab are you??!! Am looking forward to the class starting on Monday and I know just who I would like to Pay It Forward to if I won a spot.

Cathy Wegner

These ladies must have loved your class to be so generous as to want others to have the same experience. I would love to take the class but we are very busy right now with a wedding in 4 weeks and listing our house but I need to take time for me too. Right?

Cim Allen

I can't wait to explore the new websites. That is so cool about purchasing spots for her friends .. what would life be without friends and family after all. Totally amazing for you to also pay it forward, YOU are my hero Christy. Have a great day !!


I love hearing pay it forward stories! Its the best way to motivate you in the morning!


Generosity is something that touches many & PIF is such a generous thing to do! Thank-you xx. I have signed up for your class this time round but would love to nominate my friend for a PIF gift... she has a wonderful brood of children & never seems to stop, it would be lovely to give her something just for her xx Thank you for the chance xx


i am sooo looking forward to doing this class, christy.... big healing hugs...

Vicky Carter

i only recently come across your website and i am so glad i did. you are so very talented. i have struggled for many years with severe depression and i am trying to work my way through it every day, sometimes i feel like i will never get on top of it. but lately from reading your blog and a few others i am starting to get that creative urge and feel that this will help me in so many different ways. thank you for being so very generous.

peggy R

I would love to have a friend join me in the class.


Wow, what amazing women! I would love to take your class. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!


Christy you inspire me daily. I love your work and your open heart. I was going to join this online class but I am having such financial difficulties at the moment that I just cant. I would love to win a spot as this class would be a dream come true!! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful heart. xxx


That generosity is so very humbling, I would love to pass this on as gift to a special friend. thank you for the opportunity. x


Just saying thank you for being so generous! I would LOVE to join your class!

Larissa Heskett

WOW!! What a touching story!! I have had several people ask about your class after I did a YT video on my first creation from taking your class and I'd LOVE to win and pay it forward for some of my SWEET Online friends!! It is amazing this hobby and the way that it brings people together who might not have ever gotten the chance to meet!! SO THANKS SO MUCH CHRISTY!! I LOVE your class and I am taking the She had three hearts class I can't wait!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

Debby Ebeling

Christy, you are an inspiration to me in so many ways. You and Teresa are earning jewels for your crown in Heaven! If I should win a spot I will give it to my cousin so she can join me in She Art next week.

Debby Ebeling

Christy, I can't say enough about how much you have already inspired me and I haven't started your class yet! I am finishing a "she art" inspired canvas for my mother who is celebrating her 90th birthday on Monday. I never would have attempted such a gift had I not found you and your friends at Brave Girls! My inner art has been unleashed and I love it! If I should win a spot I will happily pay it forward to my cousin, who has been out of work for 2 years due to illnesses including fibro. Thanks for being such a generous, loving spirit!

Cindy Reimer

Aww, I love the idea of paying it forward! I have loved your website for the longest time, through you I discovered Miss Melody Ross and the Brave Girls Club .... I have taken the online BraveGirls Soul Restoration class (and I am taking Soul Restoration 2),,,, along with you amazing She Art class and now I am eagerly waiting for the next class, She Had Three Hearts.
I also wanted to say that for myself being creative has helped me in dealing with my own cancer diagnosis. Being a young mother hearing those words, you have breast cancer can literaly stop your entire world from spinning. So after going through surgery and chemo I struggled to find the motivation to be creative again.
This is when I started Soul Restoration which helped me journal again, helped me to feel like ME ... So when I did the She Art class, it helped me to again set free my creative side.
Thankyou for being you and helping so many of us in so many wonderful ways. xxo ~Cindy

darci wills

Knowing that there are still good, kind people in the world gives me hope. I have pretty much given up on humanity.
I would love to take one of your classes.Your work is so inspiring and beautiful, not only the art itself, but the messages. Those speak to me, it's like you just KNOW. Thank you for the chance to win!


Your sister's new shop is fun!

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