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February 22, 2012



Whouahh!!!So amazing,so gorgeous!
Thank you so much for sharing this lovely canvas!

Kirsten Alicia

That's so beautiful, I love all the different textures.
Before this, I watched the video you made for Scrap Time at CHA. Such a gorgeous canvas, you've definitely inspired me.

Tiff Reed

You seriously made me crack up when you mention that you sent us glitter bc we are doing an outdoor type scene. You're awesome, thanks for the inspiration.


ok christy girl...don't take this the wrong way but i opened my kit the other day and thought...what in the sam #@$$ am i going to do with this stuff???? and then BAM i look on here and that is just the cutest thing ever and got me sooo excited for spring!! thank you for being a genius so that i don't have to be.;D hope nc was a blast!! i don't think i've ever been so jealous of someone...all those ladies were so lucky to be taught by you and donna and they got to hang out with you too!!! no fair.;D


hi christy
I love this. I was in your first she art class. Love it! It really makes my day when I can watch you work. so fun!

Cynthia Marie Pettigrew

I always learn something new from you! Thank you for sharing ideas and your art.

Jeanne Kelly

Thant you, thank you for sharing your art so freely with us - you make it look easy, and beautiful. I have learned a lot from you already and look forward to so much more!!

Lucie Hale

Christy, You inspire me so much. My technique is not quite as "free" as yours, but I'm getting there! I am loving your Creative Color class and can't wait to start on your She Had 3 Hearts class! There are just not enough hours in my days!!!!!
Have fun in NC. Can't wait to hear all about it. Can you come to Delaware too?


Beautiful, beautiful. I love how you create with such confidence and verve!


My four year old son and I just finished watching the video. He was SOO excited throughout.. haha :))


Is there any way to watch this on an iPad?

Lisa Ciaravino

Very Cute! You were on High Speed in this one ha ha ha


This canvas just screams FUN! I can't wait to get my goodies and get to work! Bravo!

Jayne Crow

Looks beautiful!! Am patiently waiting for my kit to arrive in England!! xx

Neusinha Fusco

You're always making things beautiful. Miss you. When it comes to Brazil? Kisses in children. Hugs to her husband. Kisses for you.

Sarah Lejeune

so look forward to your videos!!! Inspiring! I am always so motivated by you! Thank you:)Safe travels to and from North Carolina!


Loved the video and the canvas turned out so cute! I just started following your blog and am inspired :)

Sheila B

I enjoy your vides so much. They're really funny. Talking about the paint with the dauber top but"I stick my fingering there any way". Makes it fun and enjoyable for everyone. Thanks for all the info. I'll have to order these kits you keep talking about:). I sure would love to be in the same class with you and Donna. What a hoot. Have fun

Carmen Lucero

I just got my kit Tuesday and love it, love it, love it!! But I love it more now that I got inspired!

Thanks so much and have a wonderful time in NC!


Carmen L

gina toigo

christy, i am sooo excited to get my kit and i just watched your video so i cannot wait to get started!!! you are my teacher, my mentor and totally my inspiration to want to keep doing better perfecting my own unique style and talent! thank you so much for helping me to find my true calling in the art world....mixed media...

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