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February 13, 2012



Just learning your art and I love it!!!! I am so excited to get to learn more and watch your small video.
Thank you!


Congratulations on all of your adventures!
Enjoy each moment.


so excited for you!!

Toni K

Shut up! That is like every girl's dream! How amazing to get to be pampered all day! I can't wait to see the video! Have fun!


Your video sounds so fun! I actually went to high school with Bart.

Susan Tidwell

You are so lucky - what a fun thing to do! Can't wait to see the video and the made over Christy. But you're pretty cute just as you are too!

Barbara Moore

So happy for you Christy! It's so nice seeing good things happen to nice people!


Christy, I know exactly who Robert is and have attended workshops he has taught. You have nothing to worry about, he is a down to earth, make you feel good person! You will have an awesome time!


I am amazed at how many things we seem to have in common, Christy :)
You will have a blast during the makeover, I have no doubt about it. And you already are very pretty. (I'll be nervous too).
Can't wait to see the video.

I ordered some of your stamps <3 And I can't wait to receive the Mixed Media kit and discover what's in it as well.

Take care, and never forget how loved you are.

Melanie Douthit

Congratulations on the makeover. Can't wait to see it all here!!

Liane Townsend

Proud of you for taking care of yourself and then being able to come back to us. You are one of my joys. I would be nervous about the makeover as well, but, glad you have the courage to take them up on this experience. It will be an exciting time that you will always remember. So jazzed about your new lines and can't wait to purchase them!!!


Enjoy your day christy it's time to make time for you babe xx


Lucky You, enjoy it!!!! Couldn't resist all your new stamps, so excited for them to arrive:)


Hi Christy - I have just placed my stamp order - thanks so much for the discount, Im in Australia so it pays for shipping !!!!!
Im so jealous of your 'makeover' have fun being pampered, you deserve it!!
love Andrea x

Andrea Blayney

Wow, that sounds so exciting and scarey LOL! Enjoy every moment of your makeover.
Congratulations on your stamps coming on sale - I love the She stamp.
Love, Andrea xx


"Can't we just use my iphone and call it good?" LOL! You make me smile! :)
Have fun and enjoy every minute of your makeover!

laura huffman

thanks for the bonus colour workshop. just started going through it, should be very helpful and fun. love your teaching style, sense of humour and talent. off to make a heart. congrats to the winners and have fun tomorrow getting a makeover. how fun. just sit back and enjoy being pampered.


I was just watching the first video for the Valentine workshop and was noticing how pretty you looked in it. Your hair was up and you had make up on which you usually don't and you looked terrific! And this is before the make over?

Steph Block

How cool! Cant wait to see it and I hope you enjoy being pampered you deserve it!!

I may also have just ordered a "few" of your stamps!! Opps!!


oh what fun - sometimes it's inspiring to be out of your comfort zone - they'll take great care of you i'm sure

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