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November 15, 2012



woohoo already signed up ..last year was super fun. i would love to come to retreat but i live so far away boo.
anyway have a great day
hugs xo


My oldest son's name is Braden also. Just had to add that. I took the 12 Artsy Ornaments last year and loved it. Will do it again this year too.

Heather D

Sounds like a perfect weekend - enjoy your family!

Christy, a couple days hangin' out and creating with you would be like a little bit of arty Heaven. You have such a way of making us all feel like fast friends that I know whoever the fortunate few are, they will have a blast!


Is there a supply list for the class?


chris, you are TRULY amazing!!!! love you. lots. xo

Donna L

Can't wait to hear more about your retreat, I am sure it will totally awesome, and see pics of the studio! Have a good trip and hope the team does well (win or loose). I have not had the time to devote to the Whimsy class yet but think I will throw myself into it this weekend. Thanks for all the inspiration.


You are going to loooove the last film of Twilight! :) I went to the twilight marathon, in Stockholm Sweden, a couple of days ago and it is amazing! :)

A retreat at your place would be so cool! But I guess that it would be quit expensive coming all the way from Sweden.

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