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August 22, 2013


Alaine White

Love, Love, you and the video's.....have taken your classes. So good and inspiring!!


Thank you for a chance to win a Christy original. How awesome!


Yea! More videos...thank you thank you! Canvas is adorable!

Jodi McCormack

What a great tutorial...I can't wait to get started! I've been following the progress of your new home which has inspired me to make some changes in my own. One change will be an art/photo wall and this canvas is just perfect (and if I happen to win, I'll give the canvas I make to my mom). Thanks as always Christy! :)

Jill J

Love this video..thanks for the chance to give your art a good home!!!

Deborah Sunset

Thanks so much for more inspiration! You are such a blessing to me!


As always, an awesome video! I LOVE watching you work...you are so creative and intuitive. Would love to win this canvas!

Rachel Canfield

Thank you for doing another video! I am always inspired when I watch them. I don't know how you are able to do all that you do and keep such a great attitude. Thanks for always being so open and real. I feel like you are a friend!


wow.... another awesome canvas!! love your creativity...

Diana Cutting

Love it! I really like you mixed media projects and am glad I signed up for your behind the art class!! I am having fun experimenting!


Very fun to watch you in action. Thanks for taking the time to show an average person that art is for everyone and to just do it.


So enjoyed the whole proces! I'm dutch, so gonna do something with mills, tullips and klompen. (Yellow wooden shoes)Thanks so much for new inspiration!


I love watching you create!! Looking forward to putting my kit to use, and this is just the inspiration I need. Thank you for offering so many classes and sharing so thoroughly - you're the best! An original from you would really be the cherry on top :) xox

Julie LB

Love the canvas, love the blog post, and love love love your tutorials. It really makes me feel like I CAN do it! Thank you! ;-)

Susie Cross

Wonderful video! Thank you, hope to see more.

Deb Wilson Harris

Loving reading your blog, viewing your videos and art gallery so much - I registered for my first She Art Class and am loving week one too! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us ❤❤

Deb Wilson Harris

I love your art so much - I registered for my first She Art class and am loving week one. Thanks for sharing your sweet creative spirit with us all.

Vicki A.

Another inspiring video :) Thank you!

Barbra Slowe

Haven't even watched this yet....so excited to watch you transform the canvas into something so beautiful! I am so enjoying all the classes I am taking and getting a surprise in the mail from you each month...( I never peak so I can look in my box and oogle! ) Was so excited to get a roller stamp this month.....anyway, I would love to be considered for the drawing....I am off to watch the vid now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

sue morris

I've always wanted to have a chance to take one of your classes Christy. I just love your creative process and the materials you use are fantastic! Thanks for offering this!

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