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September 03, 2013


Charmain Neal

Oooh...I can't wait to get started tomorrow, I probably won't be able to sleep tonight! And I'm really, really excited about the GIVEAWAY...who doesn't like art supplies. I'm addicted to paint, stencils, canvas...anything artsy! Let the FUN begin.

Michelle Clarke

Wow so generous and thank you so much for the prompt to sign up for this class - just the kick I needed! Love your work!!

Lorrie Jonas

Love to get my hands messy. My kindergartner ask me not to show up to pick him up with messy hands because people would think I was special and not the good kind of special.. I thought it was so funny! looks like a fun class.. Have fun all..

Lynn Richards

Thanks for this, Christy!!! I was unaware of this class until today. I have three shows coming up and feel so stuck!!!! I first thought it's because I've taken a couple of classes and have lost my way...but reading your words gave me hope that I will find it again and do even more, so I'm diving in.
Looking forward to it!


Wow! I'm so excited! Thank you for the very generous opportunity to win these prizes. I can't wait for the class to start next week.

Cathe Ekas

I absolutely love you and your store.
Just a word about Fibro, I have had it for 20yrs. 2yrs ago I started taking "Savella". I went from constant pain and full blown flares and not even able to walk or move my arms to almost no pain and no big flares at all. Miracle!!! It is for Fibro, it is not a pain pill, which I love. I have had no side effects.
Depending on your household income, the pharmaceutical company will sometimes give it to you because it cost $300mo if you don't have prescription coverage. Maybe it can help you. Ask your doctor. Good luck with it, if you try it.

Joan Carol

WOW! This is a wonderful surprise for all of us that have already signed up! Thank you. (I signed up on August 21.)

Looking so forward to taking this class.


Oh my, what a giveaway. You know I love you. And I love Danielle. So much.
I would love to win one prize or the other `<3 thank you girls.

Can't wait for her class to begin, I know it will be amazing.

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