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May 05, 2014


Patty Fischer

You are coming to Edmonton???? That's where I live!!!! Do you have any more details?

Genevieve Kane

I am so glad to have helped Allie raise the funds she needed. Bonus, I get some gorgeous earrings. Can't wait for them to arrive here in Australia. I am super excited to hear you are coming down under Christy. I would dearly love to be part of your workshop out here. My sister-in-law Toni Crane is over the moon too! She just loves your work. You two remind me of each other so much. Very similar in so many ways.

Fiona Davis

Australia........Yipee cant wait!

Toni Crane

I'm so glad to hear Allie's jewellery sales were so successful! I can't wait to wear mine! Even more exciting it that her cousin is now able to attend EFY too! The camp is such a wonderful growing experience for the youth. I know our children have loved EFY (now called SMYC over here in Australia). I can't wait to here the the details on your trip to Australia....I'm definitely coming!

Michelle Maggs

OMG when are you in Australia??? That is much closer to me in New Zealand!!!

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