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May 15, 2006


deb munn

Snowcones and 85 degrees... you lucky duck!! It has been raining here for seven straight days now. So glad you had a good day :) Happy for you that you will be spending more time with your kids. You're right... they're only young once!! I know you will enjoy every second of your time with them.

You're going to have such a great time at CKU. So much fun! Missed you at Albums in Stamford last October. Any chance you'll be at Masters in Boston this summer??



Can't wait to see you darling!
kiss kiss


okay, i'm a dork. I thought you went to CKU LAST week! lol. whoops. disregard that email I just sent!

sounds like you're going to have a blast!! And sounds like your weekend was awesome too! I WISH we'd get some of your weather - windy, cold and rainy here... since Thursday. ugh.

:) hope you're doing well!!

heidi larsen

good for you. deciding to go part-time so you can spend more time with your kids. i have noticed a big change in my girls since i have been cutting back in scrapbooking to spend more time with them. the most important thing that you can do is be a good mom. i truly believe that. scrapbooking can always wait 'til later.


so wishing i could be at cku and take your class! i know how much work goes into putting just a small class together for my lss ... so i can only imagine how much goes into something as big as cku! sounds like so much fun though!

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