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June 11, 2006



hmmmmmmmmmmm i am early I guess...
kiss kiss
my dear friend!

christine campbell

Say it isn't so!! Tell me I'm wrong!!
You're moving??? You're leaving Chatterbox??
Oh, my!! 'sniff'
But, you've got something else up your sleeve, dont' you?
Can't wait to find out!!
Congrats Christy, I'm sure it will be a huge success!!


Sounds like you are on an adventure! Always good and bad...happy and sad...bittersweet. Good luck on selling your house!


i'm so sad/happy for ya. :)


Too funny about the sprinklers!!


:) Christy, you so rock!! You're going to just be awesome as usual!!


Hi Christy!!!
I think I know (wink)
Happy for you!!!!
LOL, how funny about the spinklers!!!! what an advernture. Hope you had a great Sunday. ((hugs))

Mary Ellen Carlise

Hi Christy--coming out of lurk-dom to say 'hi'--I read your blog so often--wanted to 'introduce' myself...
Holy Cow! You are leaving Chatterbox!!! You are starting something new...WOW! I just 'know' it!
Whatever you do it will be GREAT-because you are so GREAT! Congrats and God Bless!
Mary Ellen

melody ross

And...I am the one who is saddest............

But, happy for my pal.

I love you, Christy!.....always have, always will.


thanks for telling about my blog! you rock!


Exciting things are coming your way!!! Keep me posted on everything while I am gone!!
Good luck!! Let me know if you need help moving. It would be a great excuse to come and see you!

deb munn

Oh my Christy!!! Your news is BIG BIG BIG!!! Super excited and super sad... I'm nervous now!

I found my way to Mel's blog yesterday. How fun!

I will be patiently waiting (okay... trying to be patient anyway) for your news.

As long as you are happy, I'm happy for you :)


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