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June 30, 2006



:) those pics made me smile BIG!! I love those fun!! :)


Hey! I grew up in Rigby and my Grandma lives in Shelley! Such a great place to raise a family, you'll love it! :)

Great pic!



love the pict with the dube and the watermelon...the picts rock as always...mel was right..very meaningful.


I love your new profile pic!


So happy for you! Thanks for sharing the pics... yellow appliances.... hum? they might make a comeback-lol!

melody ross

Christy, these photos are gorgeous...they made me think of all things beautiful and meaningful....even though it's not MY family...these photos evoked lots of are an incredible photographer. Can't wait to talk to you. Love ya.

deb munn

So glad you had such a great time at your reunion :) The pictures are great!!
Congratulations on the house! That's wonderful!! Your dream house will be a reality before you know it! :)
Have a happy and safe holiday Christy!!

Jill Godon

Wow, I am so happy for you! Congratulations on the house, it sounds lovely! I LOVE love love fixer uppers. There's just so much thrill in seeing a house change into it's real potential.

Have a great holiday sweetie!


I am so excited you guys got the house!! Hey give me a call when you are in Utah- I am finally back from China!
I hope everything has been going well!


good luck--my husband builds homes too--he loves it! our family reunion is in August--can't wait!


How fun to move to a small town like that...what a wonderful adventure!


Oh my gosh!! Congrats on the house!! How exciting for you, Christy!! :) Really excited for you guys!! These pictures look amazing too. Gosh, I avoid family reunions... you totally make me want to have one again! :) Have a great holiday!!

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