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June 06, 2006


Jlyne Hanback

Girl, I am so happy for you and your family! I know you must be nervous but yet excited, too! WOW!

I am the same way about cartoons, although I really loved Aladdin. LOL! I used to be able to recite it word for word all the way through. What a nice talent. BWAHAHA!

Jill Godon

Big things are coming your way girlfriend! I'm so happy for you and the new venture you are about to take on :) Say Hello to Carrie for me, I miss that gal! Hugs!


christy...I am anxiously waiting for your news...I am thinking of something in my head, and hoping thats what it is!!!

Christine Campbell

Ok, so when you use the words 'new' and 'cute'
and 'embellishment' all in the same sentence I get goosebumps.

No fair teasing! I need to see!!! :)
Oh, how I would love to be Carrie's assistant!!

Can't wait!!
have a great day!

Jessi it what you told me about when you were here? :)

I thought about that when I was driving up to Yellowstone last week...........


Hi Christy,
Sounds like your summer is off to a grand start! I have never been much for cartoons either, however... I thought both of the Ice Age movies were funny! I know you have some very exciting things coming up! Looking forward to hearing about them. ttfn~


I can't wait to see anything new from Chatterbox. And yes- I am very sad that it isn't another child- so you'll just have to adopt with me in China right?


darn, for a sec i thought it was another kiddo. ;)
can't wait to see WHAT!

deb munn

Oh man Christy... you are such a tease!!
I'm already jonzing for the card kits I saw in the July BHG Scrapbook Etc. So cute!
I really like the Pixar type movies too. Not the same as a "regular" cartoon. They are almost above animation... does that make sense??
I'm glad you are excited about your secret :) That's always a good sign!!
Happy summer!!

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