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September 20, 2006



hi Christy,
I don't know how available this is in the US, but you can buy eucalyptus oil here and that is a fabulous way to get marker out. smells good too! moderation is important when you use it though.

carrie utley from chatterbox

I sure do miss you my funny little friend!!!!

luv ya!

Sharon K

My sister and I always had ear infections also known as swimmers ear as kids. Here is a simple tip:
Vinegar and alchol equal parts a couple of drops after swimming or shower. The vinegar will kill any bacteria and the alchol will forces the water out. Always works, This tip came from or family ENT.

Love the Tips

Christine Campbell

Thanks for the tips Christy. I have heard of the peanut butter one before but my aunt has said, since her youngest is allergic to peanuts, that butter works just as good too. Or, if they can stand it, rub the gum with an ice cube until it hardens and it flakes right off.
Hmmm. that;s all I can think of.
I just wanted to let you know that I will be attending ScrapGala in Moncton and taking all of your classes on Sunday. I can't wait to see this calendar project in person!!!
I have to do all of my own class kits too and I usually only have to do 8 or 9 and I think that's alot of work. I cant' imagine hundreds. Good job you have lots of kids. LOL :)
Can't wait to meet you. Hopefully, we'll have time to chat a bit. I am also one of the organizers for Canada's Crop for Kids (my event takes place here in Saint John) so it'll be nice if you have time, to have a little chat.

have a great day


seriously - the gum thing? That is MY ETHAN today! Yesterday he took gum out of his mouth and literally wrapped it around his neck and hair. Yeah. We got a lot of it out, but the rest... oh my gosh, it's not budging. I'm off to try the Peanut butter! :)


Misty D

Sorry but I don't have any food tips. I do a calendar every year for my step-dad for Christmas and I was wondering if you would post picts of your calendar after your class is over. I would love to see it!


More great tips girl! thank you! Wanted to add on tip #5 that you can also use baking soda on your hair to strip of stuff... I get a lot of hairspray, gel, ect buildup and this works wonders! BUT... you have to be careful cuz' it will also strip your coloring and weaken permed hair as well! :O)

Rhonda :)

Thank you for all your tips...I know when my kids had diaper Mom would brown flour on the stove...until it was a dark brown...then I would rub the flour over the kids bottom...i would also sprinkle some extra flour in their diapers :)


Well ths really is not a "food" tip but a tip that I have used over and over. Crayon on the wall comes out fantastic with toothpaste! put a little on a damp clothes and rub it in till it disapears. Oh and by the way I live in IF!


i feel you on the kitting thing! for the first year i taught classes at my lss, they put together all the kits for me. then i started doing them myself ... designing the class, kitting the class, and teaching the class. it was so much work! but i loved the kitting part of it ... just something about making piles of supplies that's fun! lol!
loving all these tips too! now i know that if i have a problem, i can just "ask christy"! you're bound to have a creative solution! lol!

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