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September 17, 2006



OK OK I am busted, YES I have tried your hair technique!!! Alas, even after 2 or 3 tries I think either a: my hair is too 'heavy' for this or b: my rod it too big around...need something smaller? I am not sure of which. I used a couple of different special conditioners on my hair because it is SO brittle and it does not hold a lot of curl in the back as it is :O( but I will keep trying bc this IS such a cute look!
Hope you get to feeling better and I think you are SMART to stay in out of the cold from Spud Days... we skipped it this year after getting drenched and freezing last year! LOL Can't wait to see more updates on the house! Blessings,


I agree, it's scary what this world is coming to. My kids are only 4 and 5 and I so worry what the world will be like when they are teens if it's this bad now.

Thanks for those tips. I can't wait to try them out.

I hope you get feeling better!


I know exactly what you're saying about those movies. Isn't it sad? I think the PG-13 movies are worse than the Rated R ones. I get so sad when I think that this is the way it is. :( Kids shouldn't have to grow up so fast!

I wish I lived closer to Vegas!! I would totally go! :) I hope you feel better!


you had me laughing so hard about your self-tanning stuff drying ... i'm sitting here reading your blog while my self-tanning stuff dries on my legs (too much whiteness showing out my capri pants!)! lol! and i'm still wanting to try out your curling iron tip ... it's not often though that i do the more straight look (not enough time).

i feel the same way about some of those movies. my oldest daughter (almost 10) wanted to see that same movie. the first one was ok ... but i just didn't think this one was appropiate for her to see. i went to a private christian school all my life. but i watch all these movies and know that a lot of what we see is really the ways teenagers are these days. it's so sad and gets me so worried to let her grow up. i've seriously thought about the homeschooling thing too!

hope your feeling better. i've got the cold thing going on today too ... sucks, doesn't it!


My husbands bachelor friend stopped by last night with a laundry "issue". He designs and sells t-shirts at car shows. LAst weekend he left the box of sample tshirts in the back of his pickup. It dried got VERY VERY warm here.....and the tshirts sat in the back of his pickup the whole time turning into a moldy stinky mess. I told him I would TRY to help him. We did the cascade thing and only about 3 of the 30 or so shirts didnt make it! I was AMAZED!!!! It completely took the stinky smell out and the shirts looked as good as new!! Now I want to try it on my OWN laundry. Thanks so much for the tip!!!

Kim Bolyard

My hair is too short for a curling iron...but I am trying that laundry White thing soon


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