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September 14, 2006


Lori Renn

Yes I've heard of the MM Idol and I took a shot and entered!! Keeping my fingers crossed. I so love MM!!


Hey.......COME DOWN here and curl my hair for me, okay? :)
We will then party like rockstars! :)

Cari Locken

Very excited about the MM contest too. I'm hoping I'll have a chance to do it - we'll see. I may not have time and it may not be open to us Canadians! (hoping it will though! ;))


i'm so excited about the MM idol contest ... that would truely be a dream come true!
that's a great idea to have everyone try out the curling iron thing and then take a pic ... although i never actually get my picture taken! lol!

Mary Ellen

Hi Christy!
First of all...your post about the hypnosis was so amazing! What a freakishly scary thing...I'll never do that! Thanks for the heads up!
Thanks for all the tips...I get cold sores on a monthly basis and I am DEFINATELY going to try your remedy! AND the curling iron tip cam JUST in TIME! I was ready to CHOP my hair cause I can't do anything with it! Now I'll try washing it less and curling from the top! WaHoo!
Lastly--I am IN on the MM Idol Contest! I was so excited about this! Hoping I have a breath of a chance....What a "Dream-Come-True" job!
Take Care,
Mary Ellen

deb munn

OOooooo... can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
That's so exciting!

Alicia King

I am so excited about this, I am definately going to do it!! Great tips Christy!

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