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September 13, 2006



OK, I have to go back and read the other tips but I just too notes of your Corona ointment. My DH gets cold sores so I will have to try this one out! Where do you get one though?

Funny, when I read your later blog entries and saw you mention Corona ointment, I thought you were talking about a Beer! LOL!

Thanks for the tips!

deb munn

Cool tips!! Definitely going to try some of them :)

Amy is right... purple shades for green eyes. Orange works great for blue too (I'm a former MAC girl myself).

:) deb

Tanya Webster

LOVIN this blog!! LOVIN the tips and am sooo gonna try them...if you can, ask your mother in law how to get mud stains out of a white dress...have tried many things and it is still not helping!!!!! will try and think of some tips to share :) T

Vanessa Reyes

cool post , I have a few . . . for poison oak use athletes foot cream to dry it out, to get rid of aphids on your roses try using the brown part of a ciggerate I think it's the filter, it's the part that you don't smaoke with a little water in a spray bottle let it sit for a day or so and spray your plants.

Amy Yingling

Love your blog. So happy to find you. Your tips are amazing and I will be trying the cascade one. Also, green eyes should always weare purple liner, clothes etc.
Learned that from the MaC girls.
THanks for sharing so many fun tips.

Lori Renn

Hi Christy! Got my S. Etc. in the mail yesterday and saw your picture. It reminded me of when got to meet you at Cut n Paste. Hope all is well with you and you are loving all that is new in your life. Amazing tips by the way!


Thanks for the excellent tips Christy...your awesome!

Wendy Sue Anderson

Fun tips - thanks for sharing! :)


This is the best blog post EVER!


wonder if that ointment would work for eczema my little girl has SEVERE eczema (and I get shingles all the time)


Love the tips...I have been looking for something to keep my whites-whiter, and my sister is gonna be thrilled about the cold sore healer, she's 17, and gets them all the time. Not fun for a high-schooler.
Here are a couple of tips, you probably already know...Bee stings? use toothpaste (make sure it's the paste, not the gel). Toothpaste also gets koolaid stain off your kids lips (and surrounding area).
WARTS? use duct tape. Just cut off a small square and apply to the wart. Whatever is in the tape, it works just like the wart remover stuff in the store. Leave it on for a few days, and take it off, the wart should die. (however some warts are buggars, and they just won't go away)


Lovin your tips ! Tena


What cool tips!! Not sure that I've ever seen that dish washing powder in Australia though. THanks for sharing!


I just found your blog. Very cool. I have a couple of tips for you to try. First one, when you or your kids or anyone for that matter has a splinter or something similar, take a any type of aspirin in pill form, crush it with a little bit of water and make it into a paste. Once you have the paste made, spread it on the area with the splinter or whatever. Then place a band aid on it. Keep the band aid on overnight. Pull the band aid off in the morning and the splinter will come out with it. It works every time. My doctor gave me this tip. You can also buy aspirin strips in drug stores. We have hard work floors in a really old house and my kids always have splinters. I once had to take my oldest into the doctors because a splinter got infected. He put an aspirin strip on it for about 15 minutes. The aspirin strip caused the splinter to start coming out and it helped with all the pain and infection. I use it all the time. Another really good tip is, if you have ants in your home. Mix equal amounts of Borax and Sugar. Then poor this mixture around the entire perimeter of the outside of your home. The ants are attracted to the sugar. The ants take the mixture back to the ant hill and it kills them all. Works like a charm. I do this every spring and fall, just for prevention.


I grew up with Corona oniment we call if WoolFat though! You will never have a baby with a diaper rash if you only use this. Also put it on your lips each night and you will always have beautiful lipstick the next day!


ooh the the hair thing!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

WOW! I love those tips! I'm gonna try the Cascade. My mom and grandmother used to boil their linens in lemon water to brighten their whites up.
I have curly hair, so I won't try the curling iron........don't even own one.
The ointment.......I'm gonna try that. I don't get cold sores, but I do get an occasional pimple. I bet it would be great for cracked heels. Thanks!


great tips christy! i know about the washing hair trick ... i only wash mine about 2-3 times a week. everyone thinks i'm crazy ... but it really does help in styling. lol! will have to try the curling iron thing ... my curls just aren't looking the same anymore.


I love all those tips! Great stuff for Moms!! I agree with the Cascade tip sis is a nurse and that is how she keeps her nursing whites white! I am going to have to try the curling iron tip too.....great one! My tip?? If you have kids and they spill koolaid on the kitchen counters (which they all do) you can put a bit of baking soda and water into a paste and rub it right out... works in seconds and is awesome!

LOVE your Blog Christy! Darla

Cari Locken

Oh my goodness - those are fabulous tips Christy! Thanks!

BTW, so happy I found your blog! ;)

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