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September 04, 2006



How cool it that are both beautiful!

Jennifer Wellborn

Good luck to your friend! I hope you and your daughter have a blast. I love being able to take just one kid at a time and do something fun and special with them!

deb munn

Have a great trip with Allie Christy!! How fun! I hope Liz not only makes it to the top ten, but I hope she walks away with the crown!! Fingers crossed :)


oh, how fun for you and Allie!! :) I hope you guys have a blast!! And good luck to Liz! She's absolutely beautiful!

Cherry Moss

What an awesome trip to take! I absolutely love pageants!!! My sister in law actually competed in the Mrs. Idaho in march as well. I think that is so awesome to have it all together to be able to do something like that!!! I'll be cheering Idaho on!!! Christy, I do absolutely love your picture!!! so beautiful. It is so fun, to come home from work, and read your blog. It's just so refreshing and inspiring. I love your creative style, and your journaling. I also loved your entry dedicated to your husband. very good looking. (wink)
love ya tonz! -Cherry


How fun! Best of luck to your friend.

Alicia King

Sounds like so much fun, I love watching pageants, there is so much work that goes into them! What a fun birthday for Allie too! Be safe, and hopefully you can get by with all the airline hassels!
Love ya,


Hi Christy,

Just a little note to let you know I'll be watching and cheering your friend on! I'm very excited to see how you house turns out! Also, I wanted to thank you for all of your inspiration and ideas. I've been a fan of your work since the very first Chatterbox book came out (Coming Home) and I love being able to visit your blog to hear and see the latest. By the way...your new picture is beautiful!


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