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September 17, 2006



The cascade worked again! I spilled red koolaid all over the front of my favorite white tshirt today. I came home (yeah...of course I was in the "pick up your kids" lane at school when it happened) and just threw it in the sink with cold water and some cascade and within just a few minutes it was completely white!!!! Oh man......I am so totally sold on that trick! Thanks once again!

Sharon K

Awesome..The cabinets look great. and the brushed stainless steel will look perfect with the black..


I would've never guessed you could spray paint cabinets! You guys did a great job with them.

The Cascade thing . . . I've done this since my second was born 7 years ago. Found the trick when looking to get rid of those yellow formula stains that nothing gets out. I do it in a mop bucket. . . 1 c cascade, 1 c clorox 2, fill it with hot water. . . and let it sit for 3 days. There's very little that won't come out after that soaking (I have found things that don't come out after 2 days, resoak and wait 3 and it is out). I can't do the in the washer thing (first . . .3 days without a washer???, and I have a front loader as well).


wow! you are a lucky, lucky girl!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

The cabinets look amazing!
I am going to try the Cascade trick. Do you use the regular amount you would use for dishes?


okay, wait - if I have cabinets to paint I can SPRAY PAINT them??? Oh my gosh, I think I love you... BUT... what if they already have one coat of paint on them? Do I need to sand them again? It's the right color... man, that could save SO much time. Yours look awesome! I love the black!


I still want Ben to come and do hardwoods at my house.......


those cabinets looks awesome! someday i want to paint my kitchen cabinets a cool looking red. i'm lucky to have my mom who does tons of woodwork and builds furniture and everything. but she mostly does everything in some sort of nice wood stain. i just had her build me a entry table in black and some shelves for my studio in red. i think it nearly killed her to paint the wood with black and red! lol!

and again ... your husband is so talented! i can't believe how much he has gotten done already. and already building you extras! lol! i wish my husband was that ambitious. although i did get him to clean all 3 bathrooms this morning ... and now he's back to his normal spot ... the couch! lol!

deb munn

WOW!!! The cabinets are gorgeous!! You and Ben have definitely given them a new life! That is one talented husband you've got there! What beautiful work he does.

Are you feeling any better?? I hope you have been taking it easy (well... as easy as you can anyway!) and getting better.

Haven't tried the hair thing. Don't own a curling iron... not yet anyway!! But I did buy the Corona Ointment at PetSmart the other day. No cold sores yet, but I'm ready for them now!


Amanda Hart

Christy, love the bench. What a great way to organize everyone stuff! The kitchen cabinets look great, love the black.


HOLY MOLY Christy!! Those look AWESOME!!! When you said "black" I was a little concerned. LOL!! Now, did you spray paint the base of the cabinets with the cheap spray paint as well?!! I REALLY want to try this!! We live in an older home and my cabinets are white right now and changing to black would REALLY change my decor and I am LOVIN' your look!! Do you think your husband could travel to Missouri and stay a week (or two) to help me out?? What talent that man has!!!

Elizabeth Roberts

Oh my gosh I love your cabinets. I have been trying forever to get my husband to let me paint ours black but havent' won the battle. I don't think he will give in on that issue. Love how they turned out. Great job can't wait to see the finished product.


OMG! Can I have your husband when you are finished with him? What a gem!! Those cabinets are way cool! I paid quite a bit for bedroom furniture that looks like this. (The best part is that the kids only add to the look ;-)

I haven't tried your tricks, if I have time to curl my hair, I have time to wash it. ;-) And we have a front loading washer so no overnight soaks. :-P

Can't wait to see more pics!

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