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September 27, 2006



Oh my gosh....I remember Jamie and Jessica. I was in a group with them when we went to the first CKU here in Orlando. I even have pictures of all of us.


Nicole LeBlanc

Oh goodness, you poor thing, having to travel on a plane while being sick like that yuckies! I hope you have better luck on your trip here (Moncton, N.B.) in November! Can't wait to meet you and take your class! Deb and her helpers (me being one He He) have been working hard to get all the details ironed out!
Feel Better Soon!
Nicole (Moncton, N.B.)


sorry you felt so sick...i can remember having to fly when you just feel awful and then to teach a class in the midst of that, is certainly no fun. but i am sure that you handled it like a trooper. looks like you had fun otherwise. can't wait to see what happens with the house, i just love seeing the progress. its your own little version of "flip that house".

love and blessings,


i'm so sorry to hear about how sick you were on this trip. sounds like you had fun anyways. and thank god for angels! sounds like you've got tons looking over you!

deb munn

Oh you poor thing! I can't believe you were so sick and you traveled and put a happy spin on your trip just the same. So glad you are okay and had a good time in spite of being sick. You are such a trooper!!
Can't wait to meet you in February in New Hampshire... is it too early to start my countdown??
Hope you are feeling much, much better!!

Sarah Murphy

Hi Christy, I just found your blog a few days ago and realized that I missed you at Scrappin' Time. I hadn't been in for a while because of school and stuff. So sorry I missed the chance to take a class from you. Sure hope you come again, Sorry to hear you weren't feeling so great. I know Jamie V. from going to the scrapbook store and she is so sweet and such a wonderful person. She really does have the biggest heart. It's hard because you want to not like her because she is so beautiful and talented but yet so darn nice.:) I really enjoy reading you blog, and I love the tips. Thanks so much. Sarah~


Sounds like a ton of fun (minus the throwing up!!) And I just can't believe the kids get two weeks out of school to harvest potatoes!! lol - how cool is that?

:) glad you had a good time!


For someone so sick, you sure look great!

Get some rest, when you can. ;-)


I felt honored to be your "angel"! Anytime! Thank you for such a wonderful weekend and inviting me to come. Can't wait until we hang out again- however let's leave the upset stomach at home this time!
Love ya!

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