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September 12, 2006


ashley hansen

HEY i am heather and blake hansens 16 yr old daughter and i just have to say that, that guy is an absolute nut case. I was hypnotised by the same guy at the fair too. but he didn't punish me or anything. I don't remember very much but i do remmeber smelling a guys neck and feet. I also remember him telling me to be a well not a erotic dancer but you know one of those dancers. so i danced like by myself with my nieghbor who was a really attractive mexican. and you know that all mexicans are amazing dancers, but i can't believe that he made me do that nasty dancing in front of my parents with a 21 yr old mexican. But one more thing did you have a huge headache after your hypnotizing experience cuz i did????


Wow! What a scary story. I think it is very unethical and I would complain to someone on the fairboard or whomever hires events for the fair! I live in Ammon (I found your blog from Sherelle's website) and I will make sure and not patronize the hypnotist at the fair. Scary!


Thanks for sharing. I will never ever volunteer. I think I will stay away from them. I don't like it when people do mean things like that. His time will come when he will regret all the terrible things he has done to people.

Rhonda :)

Thank You soooo much for sharing you wonderful tips :)



Reading this was very interesting. (and entertaining). I've been hypnotized twice. Once at an event and they asked for volunteers. It was my first time being hypnotized and it's so true about HEARING EVERYTHING!! The second time was by an individual who needed "practice." Anyway, BOTH times they each told me not to be scared and that even being hypnotized that I wouldn't do something I wouldn't normally do. (like take off all my clothes in front of everyone) Anyway, it sounds like you were in a really DEEP trance and the guy took advantage to get laughs from the audience. I can't believe he had people telling secrets. That's just NOT right!!!!


OK, I don't know about YOU but I think that having people tell their secrets is just WRONG. I mean seriously. That is really, really bad and IMMORAL. I am so angry that someone could get away with that. What if a hypnotized person had someone in the audience who could be hurt by that. Am I overreacting? This was a wonderful story Christy, but honestly after reading it I feel so angry! Huh.


i am freaked OUT! that's scary!!!


Yikes. That's a freaky story - sorry you had to go through that! Scary...


what an experience.
i'm freaked out just reading it.
scary stuff.

Allison K

oh my!!!
What a horrific experience!
Oh my!!
I can't even imagine not having control like that.


Oh my gosh! What a story. It sounds terrifing. I am glad you shared it though. I will never, ever do that... always thought it was cool. Not now! Glad you're okay!

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