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June 26, 2007



Good for people to know.


Could I get that could as well? Thank you!

Star Wilkinson

Hi, Christy, I would love the coupon code if it is still available. Thank you. I would really love it. Sometimes you just want to start over!

Jennifer Neilson

I would love that coupon code. You are so cute to share all of your information you get! Thanks! Also, thanks again for the great prize that you sent. I can't remember if I emailed you a thankyou or not. I really love and appreciate it!

Cindy C. T.

I would love the coupon code! Thanks for all you do!

Kristine John

I would love to get this code too...It sounds like a great product and you definitely can't beat the price!

Lori B

Hi Christy,
I just checked out elf, can you please send me the coupon code for the website? Thanks so much!!

Lori B

Jamie Soucy

I would love a coupon code! But I also need you to help me a little more with the makeup application. Although some of your tips in Vegas did help. Hope you are doin good!

elizabeth holder

i would love coupon code, i checked out their website and would love to try it


Hey Christy, I would love to get the coupon code. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and feel a little paint could definitely get this barn looking better.


christy - does this stuff work for sensitive skin?? I use a powder based foundation from my dermatologist, but I want something to give me a little more coverage, but I don't want to break out!!

Kim Caldwell

I would love the coupon code too! I was just coming back to your site to get the address and read your new message. Thanks for passing on the great information! I just ordered my samples last night, and I can't even wait to get them. Nancy is Great. Thanks again!

Kim Caldwell

heidi larsen

i just e-mailed you too! could you write me back with the coupon code to this e-mail address though? herbanella@hotmail.com


Katie F

Thanks for the link, I am a make-up fanatic!


I emailed you. Thanks Christy!!

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