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June 14, 2007



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Debi Clark

I have been using alot of turquoise and lime green with several different colors. These two colors look great with red or with pink or with orange or with brown and can create a different mood with each combination.

Shannon S

Sage Green and lavender....they are my absolute favorite.
Shannon S.


My daughter influence my orange and pink, but I also really like green and brown! I could go on and on about other colors beause I love them all.

Thanks for the info on the makeup.


I am liking the Pearl collection colors. I really like that Cypress green color. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!



I love Pink... Brown...Ivory
Then again I love classic Black & White. I just cleaned out my clothes closet and I had over 20 pairs of black capris... I think I need a boost of color in my home & scrapbooks...
Happy Summer Vacation


My favorite color combination right now is colonial blue and deep scarlet red with a touch of beige. I'm working on a scrapbook for my recently graduated high school senior using pictures from his singing performances in Williamsburg, VA.


I love color. I have a different color in every room in my house. Its hard to choose just one, but a combo that has been sticking around a lot with me is blue and orange. Especially a periwinkle blue and orange. Have a great weekend.

Brenda Podratz

My favorite color combo now is chocolate brown and blue. Especially since I had a boy 14 months ago, I find myself gravitating towards these colors all the time!

Paula Martone

I am really in to chocolate brown and pink but also am getting into the denim, poppy red, and cream or offwhite with a little of black thrown in.(that happens to be my living room colors right now!)

Jeannie Towle

I would say black and white as you can add so much color and make a layout look so awesome.

Also I would say browns and teals, loving that as well.

Susan Carter

I am really into robin's egg blue and chocolate brown right now - I find myself gravitating to it all the time!


You mean right, right now, lol? Cuz you know it changes almost daily, but that's what is so darn fun about scrapbooking, eh? Hmmmm...I'd have to say...juicy orange, fruity pink, and lime green---maybe I need a vacation somewhere tropcial or something. Hope you had a great trip!

fran heupel

Hi Christy,
Love your blog and all the wonderful info you provide.

My favorite color combo right now would be turquoise blue and a dark chocolate brown.

Fran Heupel


I love green tea Bazzill and like to use it with a deep chocolate or turquoise. It seems to sneak into most of my layouts somehow!

Jill Hinton

watching a photo shoot sounds like SUCH a blast!!!

My favorite color combo right now would have to be pink & red! :) I've been doing lots of layouts of me and my friends since I am having trouble using pink on my boys layouts..lol

safe travels home!



my current favourite color combo would have to be pink and brown - it used to be orange and brown until I had a baby girl a year ago :-)

Jen from BC Canada

Becky T

Hi Christy! So jealous you got to spend time in Des Moines. I am from Blackfoot originally, but lived in Des Moines until one year ago this week. I love it there and miss it! Can't wait to see the work you did while you were there.

As for color combos, I don't know how I can choose just one...but I find I have been using greens and browns a TON lately! Love them!


my current favorites are lime green and turquoise,
maybe a little bit of peach--real summery. thanks for the opportunity.


I'm really loving black and creme right now with maybe some deep red! Oh...and I emailed the makeup lady...sounds great!

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