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June 14, 2007



My current favorite color combo: pink & brown.


I am doing a lot of pages for my boys right now and I seem to be using the primary colors a lot...red, yellow and blue.


My favorite color combo right now is hot pink, orange, sunshine yellow and lime green. Yummy for summer!


My favorite color combo right now is pale caribbean blue, pale peach and light cocoa brown.

Judy in Carefree

I love lime green and brown!

Renee Richins

I am loving a mellow yellow paired with chocolate brown. So pretty and calming.

Shannon J

I just LOVE color... I bounce from combination to combination, and back around again!
Turquoise and red or pink have stood out, as of late. ;) I also been working with turquoise and brown! ;)
Oh, and thank you soooo much on the make-up tip-off!

Shannon J


I'm loving teal/brown right now - so fun!

Judi P.

I,m loving the blue, brown, green combo for now.

Lisa Russell

Hi Christy!

I'm really enjoying your blog. I found it throught the MM newsletter. I really am interested in your 9x9 style and hope you post more pics on how that works for you. I may have to try it (my kids ages are 18, 9 and 2.5).

My favorite color combination right now is lime, pink and turquoise. Summer colors!

Thanks a lot!

Charmayne Bowling

My favorite color combo right now is purple, turqoise & lime green. My 2nd fav. is orange, blue & brown.

Julie Coryell

Right now I am loving yellows and reds together. They just completely make me smile. Definitely summer colors!!


I love black and white. I like to add a bright color to the black and white base like hot pink!!


My favorite colors right now are chocolate brown and light blue. I also love green and pink!


My favorite color scheme right now is brown and blue - I have 2 boys so I have to find somethi ng fun, yet boyish!! It is often a challenge to make the page not look too dark, but I am always happy with the results!


My favorite color combination right now is Orange, Blue and Green. I love to scrapbook with Orange..

Amy N

I am very addicted to blue, orange, yellow, and green. This has been my favorite combo for the last two months or so. I cannot stop buying papers and embellies in this combo. . . and scrapping so many summer pages! Thanks for the opportunity.


Hi Christy,

Right now i love purple and lemon green, but the very bright ones



lime, bright pink, turquoise and sunny yellow....perfect for summer.


I would have to say aqua, pink, orange and brown all together. Love the summer!

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