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June 14, 2007


Jo Amato (australia)

Hi Christy i would have to choose orange & aqua blue or red & white


Rachal Perry

I have two favourite colour combinations. The first is Marine and baby pink (marine like the colour in the MM Sydney Anthology Tweed Paper) and my second combo is dusty pink and sage green. Love it.


I am definately drawn to lime green and aqua blue - with a touch of brown or yellow! Very cheerful!


Yellow with spring green, aqua, or light blue - all those great summer combos are really appealing to me right now

Brooke Hren

I am loving light pink and gray right now. I saw a room painted these colors in a architect magazine and it looked very classic to me.

sarah baker

i guess i'd have to say pink and red....know its a tad off, but some variations of htese 2 colors together just make me so darned happy!!! it is is fantastic to be happy i tell ya!
just loving your blog up dearie!!!thanks!

Pam C

Righ now I love

Teal/Lime Green
Brown/Lime Green
Blue/Lime Green
Orange/Blue/Lime Green

I am realy liking the Lime Green such a great summer Color

Maria from Norway

My favourites usualliy is pink and brown. But now I'm woring on a layout for a competition an the main colours are brown and turcoise(hope that's how it's written in english *lol*)And I belive that is my new favourites. Have a nice weekend!!


oh my, so many to choose from,

love teal/brown
black/white with a touch of red
lavender with beige
teal and silver


Orange and pink!
Lovin' it!

jennifer fLEMING

I love Pink and brown!!


my current favorite is brown & green! love it. :)

sara c

I'm really into pink, orange and green right now. So far out of my safety zone and I'm loving it!


Ooh, I like getting all these color combos! I like brown, light blue and white. Very crisp. I also like red, blue and white...it works well with my boy pages! Hope I win! :-) thanks for doing a giveaway!


Love Blue and Brown right now, but usually any colors that are different and will work for pages of my 6 boys!

Kim Rose

I agree with most of the posts. Pink and brown. It reminds me of ice cream for some reason. Really pink anything. LOVE Heidi Swapp products cuz of all the pink.
Thanks for the awesome post! Off to e-mail the make up gal. I could really use a new look and some advice.
See you when you get home!


Great question - my favorites right now are teal blue, orange and pink!


Hui Christy!

My fav colors are black and white with a tiny splash of red!!!!!!
Thanks for the info on the make up....I'm going to contact Nacy!


Kraft and sea green. A nice change from what I usually use. Blues for my boys!


I love so many different color combos! One is lime green, aqua and navy with white. Another is dark red and aqua blue -- my kids have a jack n jill room and my son's room is dark red and my daughter's room is a cool aqua blue and my next project is to paint their bathroom navy blue...

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