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June 19, 2007



Gorgeous layouts and lol about the grocery store... typical, huh?!


That's funny! I wanna see the article now!

Tammy Dixon

How funny. That happened to me about a month ago. I just hurried and got ready, not caring and they caught me. Oh, by the way, I LOVE the layout of Allie!


OK- I love it! I hope you send me one of those newspapers! I really love the layouts!


hahaha - Christy that IS soooo something that would happen to you. (And me too, actually!) Love those layouts - especially love the picture of you with all the kids. It's beautiful! :)

Kim Rose

The layouts are beautiful! Great job.
Oh... I will be sure to pick up the paper!
You are a good sport. I would have said NO WAY!

Have a good one.... hey.. check your inbox. I have sent a couple of e-mails. Hugs!

Jess (Scrapbook Ideas)

Oh my gosh, you're such a good sport! Thanks for the funny story :). Your LO's are beautiful!

fran heupel

that is a great story!
Love the layouts of you and your family they are just adorable.
Great work would love to see the rest of them. Thanks for posting them.

Fran heupel


Gorgeous work as always Christy!!

Now about that story! LOL Typical type of day... we all get THOSE kinds of zits now and then... and generally not at the right time! LOL Be sure to scan that pic and put it on your blog ;) Take care!!
-and thank you Ethan for allowing us to have a good laugh -

cindy b.

LOL Christy!! That IS a funny story. hee hee... Um, for some reason I can only see ONE layout?! Please post more, more, more of your creations!!
Cindy B.

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