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June 27, 2007



Sorry forgot my email


I am looking for the code still Christy~

Andrea Sponenburgh

Hey Christy! I have been trying to email you my email address but it is not sending...don't you just love computers?! I would like to try the E.L.F. makeup and I would love the code (I feel so cheap asking...being $1 and all) but I am a girl and I love a bargain! : ) Thank you, I can't wait to try it, cuz if I like it I could save a WHOLE lot of money on makeup!! Thanks again. Andrea

cindy b.

You are cracking me up with your makeup posts. LOL!! Thanks for the code girlfriend! I am waiting for my order to arrive too!! Can't wait! Peace and blessings,
Cindy B.


Hey Christy!

I am so happy that you are enjoying your summer with your family and having time to actually be together! Yes you need to post a picture w/ your new mineral makeup!

Christy B

I agree with Cyndi.... preach it! Girls love girl talk!!!! And I'd love to see a picture with your new make up on! I ordered some ELF stuff also, can't wait to see it.


Hey...talk talk talk. I'm so glad you posted about the Everyday Minerals. I got mine "samples" last week and have been happily wearing it ever since. It's wonderful stuff. I think I like it better than the BE and it's so much less (the bestest part!! whoo hoo)


I would love to see a photo of you with the new make up.

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