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December 21, 2010



love this!! I took your class and enjoyed it :)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell

I love your idea Christy! I think I will try it in my art journal for the new year! Thanks for all of the inspiration!!!


I love this idea! I pull things out of magazines and online all the time that inspire me, but to put them all together like this is perfect! Now, to just find an empty notebook...forget gift wrapping - I want to do this instead!!


this is great.
thanks for taking the time to talk your's through.
and i concur...a little addicted to your blog right now. dreaming of the time to play with my canvas'. you have inspired.
thank you so.


Great idea Christy!


Love this idea Christy! Great style :)

Sharon Osborn

oooo, Christy, I like the idea of doing a board for the New Year. Kind of a here I am 2011! Thanks for the great idea. Wondering if your new artist is Mindy Glendhill? I am loving her music right now! Very gifted artist.


We have the same style!!! CRAZY!!!


I am so excited that you are evolving the monthly kits to mixed media. That is what I have always used your kits for unless it was a project kit that you designed. I can't wait for more inspiration for the monthly kits as they are piling up and was actually thinking about stopping them for awhile because I have so much sinfully stashed. My daughter is 30 and no grandchildren and there or just so many scrapbook pages that can be made after all these years....I crazy quilt, bead etc. and the kits for me are used for everything but scrapbook pages. love love love Scarlet Lime :)and the direction you are taking it :)

Sylvia Drown (Baxter's Mom)

I am so loving your blog! Thank you for coming back!!


i admit it. i'm addicted to your blog right now. great. wonderful. perfect. unique. terrific ideas. thank you for being you! :)

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