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December 25, 2010


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I have my dad his shaving brush and his pipe... And sunglasses that I never saw him with. I think of all those the shaving brush is the one that pulls at my heart most. Losing our dad is losing a big part of ourselves. We only have one dad...

Pam Griner

I just now read your post about this Christmas and missing your dad. Christy, it was beautiful and your husband is surely a special man. My father was killed on December 10, 2000 when his truck hit an icy patch and flipped-throwing him out and killing him almost instantly. I grieved massively that first year, and still miss him so very much sometimes it seems unbearable. But, each day we get up and start over – until we meet again in Heaven. That’s what I hold on to in those sad moments. It does get easier, but only because you become accustomed to the painful memory of loss.

Jan Shore

Christy, like most, I sit here with tears running down my face, Like you grateful no one is recording me. Thank you for sharing from your heart. We all have loss, all different, but the ache of that loss can be so overwhelming. There is a song by MercyMe called Homesick. Even if you know it, listen again and be blessed. Hugs, Jan


I just read your blog - what a beautiful story.
Your heart just echoes out - thank you for that!



this is SO beautiful.
i have tears with a heart that is so full up from
all of the love that this post emulates and breathes.

YOU are one special soul
who i hope to get to know better and better.

your husband couldn't have said it better when he wrote...
"Being in love is not about who you choose to marry and live with, it's who you can't live without."

thank you for this.
thank you for your authentic spirit.
thank you for sharing with us who come to visit here in such raw honesty.
thank you for you and the beautiful faith that you wear so well.

loving you


I lost my Dad six years ago and have missed him every day since. I read your tale at the weekend and ended up with tears running down my face as I silently cried. Sadly, I have no material items from my father but I have the memories of a life time which I cherish. God bless Christy and may 2011 bring you peace and joy,

alicia king

wow! you have an amazing husband, what a truly thoughtful, heartfelt gift. it's perfect just what you needed, a piece that was missing!

happy holidays!

Sativa Castellucci

Your story confirms the true meaning of Christmas. I learned the true meaning years ago when I lost my daughter. My husband and I make it a habit to spend time with friends that are alone on the holidays we feel that is our gift we can give to many.

Carol Miller

I have tears running down my face. love your bracelet. I lost my Dad 10 years ago, and some days I wish I could just hear his voice one more time. I have his old cardigan sweater & when every I wear it, I feel his love. For Christmas my brother made me a shadow box frame of my Dad as a merchant marine during WWII. I love it beyond words. Families are the best comfort we have. God Bless. Love your blog


Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much for sharing such a touching story. We lost my brother in law who was only 31 to cancer on Halloween and Christmas was very difficult this year, but it is amazing how the love of our Savior can get us through it.

Lea Ann

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story and reminding us all what Christmas is really about. Family.

Dru Beecher

Thank you Christy for sharing your story. It has strengthened my testimony during a time when I especially needed it.

Donna c

Thank you for this story -it is truly beautiful. I had tears in my eyes as I read it. You have a very wonderful thoughtful and loving husband.

evelyn parra

Christy, I am so touched by your Dad passed away on June 26th and I miss him thoughtful of your husband to do that for you...Thanks for sharing your story.

Angela Gutshall

I'm speechless. That was such a beautiful, inspiring story. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for reminding me of the true meaning of Christmas!


Thank you for sharing your story and testimony! What a wonderful gift your husband gave you!

Toni K

You have an amazing husband.

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