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January 13, 2011


for less than

This content is perfect for my taste. I appreciate the writer¡¯s points and agree on many. I read this article through twice for good measure.

target hours

Looks awesome! I do welcome the tabs placed on the top!


Wow, love the hearts


This is GREAT!! But I can't help to see the close resemblance, or inspiration, of Kelly Rae Roberts in the girlie piece you are using to advertise "The She Art Workshop".


Christy! I'm so glad to be sent over here from Jeanne's blog. Your work is I knew it would be after meeting you at Brave are an inspiration!


love both the projects you created using flip-pal. I love you mixed-media canvas. I find you style amazing.


OH my great work, love the spring pic, hmm have to look into this more!

Kee Ostler

Your hearts make me happy. :-) I love the scanner and all the possibilities it opens up. Thanks for putting your time into your blog.


fabulous projects, sis!! I also love that you are offering some e-courses. you simply rock!


Love what you did with your scans. xoxo


Both your projects are very creative! How did we ever live without the Flip-Pal!?

bev allaire

looking forward to this info Christy! love it


You always have such cute ideas!!


Thanks for sharing your amazing projects!!

Sylvia Drown (Baxter's Mom)

Christy...I LOVE your art, and I can't wait for your e-course!!!


oh this ecourse is exactly what i need.. thank you!!!


Wow... cool idea! thanks for sharing


Love your canvas and the hearts along with the scanner. Thanks Christy

Dawn Tavela

Amazing as always!You sre amazing!


Looks great and lots of fun!!! Love your new art!!

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