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January 13, 2011



amazing! you are so inspiring!


how does htat flip pal do with scanning layouts? would it work?
Love your hearts by the way this is cool
looking for some alternatives always a way when theres a will I say!

Pat Sloan

Both projects are so COOL!! I want to do this canvas with the clothes line... I'm in love with it.

It is so fun to be on this hop with you!

Peg Hewitt

OMG what a brilliant little toy!!!
I totally lurve your projects, gotta go play :-)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that so inspire me with them as they are so TOTALLY amazing!!!! Kirsti xxx


Love the hearts, and your canvas is so so cute.. love spring.. winters here in fargo are way too long. thks for the inspiration and so exciting about your course.. GO YOU! you will do so well.. so many ppl love you. xo


so very cute, christy... you never cease to amaze and inspire... thank you for sharing with us. You make the days brighter.

jennifer h

Can't wait to find out more about the workshop:) Your canvas is absolutly gorgeous!!

Annette A.

Christy, what awesome ideas you have....I just love your blog. I feel inspired after seeing what you have created. Thanks for the awesome post....I seriously need a Flip Pal.


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, ......

Christine Johnson

I love your use of color! The hearts are too cute. I think I'll make some to remind me of my blessings.


Love the canvas you created! And can't wait for your new e-course.


Christy, I love your style and your art :-). Thanks for being my brave girl friend!

Susan Gioiella

Oh, my goodness. Both projects are great! Love the bowl of hearts, and the canvas is gorgeous!! I never heard of that scanner--what a wonderful tool!


Wow! I love these projects!!!

Stacy Leal

What a cute idea! I can see me using this with so many things.

kate blue

love love love and how cool is that scanner? I'd never seen it before!

Terri C

I'm so excited that you will be teaching a class! I so love your work! I am definately signing up for this class! Yeah!


How cool is that??!! Love those little hearts and clothes on the the line...adorable!

margie always...

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