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January 20, 2011


モンクレール メンズダウンコート021 ブラック

For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward. -Jim Rohn


Oh you lucky thing, $4 each one, why is it I never get so lucky but may be I will be lucky as far as the scanner is concerned.

Brie Pinales

GAH!! GAAAAHHHH! $4 per dress?!?! I think I would have about peed my pants. Seriously, I'd have to start wearing depends if I went on too many thrift store trips like that. LOL! That is such a fun find! My parents are SERIOUS thrift store/yard sale shoppers and I'm totally getting into it too. And that scanner thing sounds fantastic. I want one just looking at the scans it did of the dresses! Om my gosh, the possibilities of that thing! lol

Pat Sloan

I love that you take the scanner with you!


Oooh she is gorgeous - I NEED one of those scanner I love the zipper jewellery - was just going to try some of that myself when I could find some old ones!!!...take care - Kirsti xx


Great, funky idea! Using scans of actual clothing to make clothes for the little girl is so creative.

Lynda Lindley

Fantastic project....amazing!


Every week you leave me breathless! Amazing, beautiful! I can NOT wait until your class!!

What a score on the dresses... I don't know if I could have parted with them... you are a sweet friend!

Kathy Peterson Inspired

OMG Christy--we'll have to hook up and check out each others lace stash! What a great idea!

Thanks for joining me on the hop.
Kathy Peterson

Annette A.

Ok seriously I love your blog. You are so creative and I just love your art work. I would love to win a Flip-Pal that is really an awesome product. Thanks for sharing.

Chef Stephanie Petersen

Oh wow! You captured me in every way with the "modern girl, vintage soul"...Have fun in SLC. It's my hometown. Wish I was there! I'm enjoying you posts more every week!

Pat Sloan

I adore your project!! Smooches!

Melissa Langer

hi christy!
oh my gosh!
what a gorgous collage you created using your scans.
the story of how you used your scanner from beginning to end inspired me!


I love this project, love the Flip-Pal, and love the fact that I just discovered your blog through this bloghop! Thanks for adding to the beauty and for sharing it with us!

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