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January 27, 2011


id scanner

Wow! It must be one heck of a scanner! these scans are AMAZING! I should get my mom one of these... Great works!

Kathleen D

Christy it's beautiful! What did you print out your scans on? I would think that photo paper wouldn't work well with paints, etc. Did you print it out on watercolor paper or canvas?


p.s. I'm going to be signing up for your April She Class and can't wait.


i would love to win this - awesome :)

Annette S

Love the butterflies and I love the Flip scanner too!! I have wanted one since they came out with it but sadly it just hasn't been in the budget :-(


asimpson2 at telus dot net


Again another amazing project!!! love it!!!

Toni K

This is beautiful!


Love your canvas' and the quote about the caterpillar is definitely something I want to play with - I'm feeling a little caterpillarish right now in my life! :(

Shirley in Canada

Wow! The ideas are endless!! Great work!


Your butterflies are striking.. and so bright and sunny!


Your canvas looks amazing

Melissa Langer

oh my gosh christy!
this is bewautiful beyond words!
thank you for the inspiration.
i love all the wonderful memories and meaning your collage is made of!


This is wonderful That hotel had the best textures. The best is when you were scanning the wall:-)


I just lOVE this two I started are still sitting kinda took over as it usally does with 4 kids:0)...xx


LOOOOOVe this may even be my favorite of all!!!
simply love you!

Dawn B

That canvas is just beautiful!!! I love it!


oh...this piece just speaks to me - it is gorgeous!! Love all the depth and texture.

Griselda in Texas

beautiful butterflies!!!!

Where I can see the winners for the scanner. I went to the website and couldn't find it. I hope I win!

Stephanie Petersen

By and far, my favorite piece yet! The GA in SLC is beautiful isn't it? Can't believe how much I miss it. You have a gift. Beautiful!!

Holly S

Gorgeous! I know the perfect spot in my home for that little admire your creativity...your work is a feast for the eyes!

Kathy Peterson Inspired

Oh Christy--this is just so awesome! Great idea to scan such fab fabrics, wall coverings. You inspired me!

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