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January 10, 2011



The effect is amazing on her dress


I love Melody too :) And I love that dress!

Heidi Hines

I so Loveeeeee what you did here!! Is all of your things done on a stretch canvas board? You are one talented and gifted person!! I love you work!! :0


Can't wait for the workshop!


I've been meaning to ask you about your pieces of art and how you actually create them...I'm so excited to receive my next kit so I can make some canvas art...I've been gathering supplies :) Look forward to your workshops very very much!


VERY very good news about the workshops!!! :) YAY! s'bout time!!


so excited to hear you will be offering an online workshop! can't wait!


Love the canvas, but LOVE the restyle bag more. WOW! Hoping to wind that scanner and make me a bag like that.

Eydie Kugler

I love your art and your blog. I am so excited to be a Brave Girl with you.


that workshop sounds divine.
it might just get me to actually start my mixed media dreams.

Ann Marie

Christy -omg! How talented are you?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Melody girl --- that dress! Amazing!


beautiful art!

Dorothy F

You are so talented, Christy. I love both of these designs. Can't wait for your online workshop.

Toni K

WOW! Melody is a very lucky girl! That one is breathtaking! I love them both, but Melody's is special. Maybe it's because she is :)

Robin Blackman

I seriously LOVE everything you do!!<3


Yes yes and you and ALL you do!

Sharon Osborn

Yeah!!! Just finished my christmas tree from last month's kit! So very fun! Can't wait for the class


oh love it!!! I so want that first should open an etsy store!! :)

Angela Gutshall

Love those spring colors!! Love to see them in a kit :)

Julie Parmer Hosley

Yeah...sign me up too! xoxo

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