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January 17, 2011


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Beautiful art. The bold red flowers are so inspiring!


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"she understands the need for growth"
So Me! exciting technique with circles and pen, can't wait to try


I love this canvas...the colors and the sentiment are awesome!


I am loving you canvas'! I think the tree oneis my favourite though


Excited for the workshop!


Love your creations!


Love your art! Thanks to Jeanne for leading me here.

Kate I

Such beautiful, whimsical canvas creations Christy! Full of heart and soul.

Amy Baldwin

Oh, this is one of my favorite canvases you've done! Love the funky green and red together. So artsy and whimsical. Will you be selling any of your canvas pieces? So beautiful!

Christine N

Love your new canvases Christy! Can't wait for your class but I'm happy you aren't doing it right away. There is just some much going on and I really want to be able to concentrate on what you are teaching.

Diana graham

Signed up for your class, can't wait

jennifer h

Congrats Lettie! Also excited about tomorrow's post:)


The new canvases are sensational! Can't wait to see tomorrow's post.

Wendy Peatross

Love your new projects. I told you that you were on a roll. Keep it up!


Love it!thnk u!hope kids feel better!

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