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January 07, 2011


 business coach

I use handbag . Few days ago i bought this handbag .My handbag is very comfortable.
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I love the way how you come up with a a great stuff out of a coat you are very creative.


This looks great, I'd love to make one... and I'm librarian, so I tried to find your elusive book. Is it Refashioned Bags: Upcycle Anything into High-Style Handbags?

Tara Smith

This is totally awesome! Did you use a pattern for it? If so can you share which one?


Great bag!
Thanks for the inspiration.

Jan Shore

That is just the cutest bag!! Great choice of suit...the fabric is awesome, really really like the details...buttons, pleating, pockets, scarf! Too cute!

Joanne K

I would so totally buy this!! You've got some great sewing talent...awesome!!!


This is a fabulous project, and so nicely done. I agree, if you are going to make an effort to do something, you should do it 'right'! Great job :)


I love this..and I am sure my girls would too! Do you have a pattern you could share for making one? Would love to surprise them with one for their birthday's this spring!

Karrie Adams Johansson

I adore these bags. Man, I wish I could sew. There's nothing better than menswear patterns in my opinion. You're on fire sistah, love it!

alicia king

this turned out so cute, and it's so you! love the scarf against the coat, and the inside fabric too! i want to learn to sew the right way too!


Oooh I saw mens jackets made into bags in Campden Market in London a couple of years ago and thought they were soooo cool!!!...xx

Annette Allen

Christy, WOW you have out done yourself again. What an amazing purse. I think you might need my address so you can send it to Thanks for sharing....I love it....


That purse is so cute, love the idea of being able to change the scarves! You are so talented!


That's the coolest thing I've seen all year!

Sandy C

WOW Christy! So fabulous!! Every time you amaze me more and more with your creative talent and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.



you are one talented chicky!!!! i struggle with simply
threading a needle!!!!!

i love how you tied the scarf and it can be
interchanged depending on mood, outfit, etc...



love. love. love.!
beautiful bag.
if you do retrieve the title of that book please, please post it.
i am a bit of a bag lady myself.
am wishing i had a gretchen in my life. you are fortunate.
post more please!

Robyn W.

This is amazing Christy! Seriously! LOVE IT! I didn't know that you were so into sewing - your amazing! It is just gorgeous!!! Hope your doing well!

Donna c

Wow. You are one talented lady. Gorgeous purse.

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