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January 21, 2011



Christy, are you going to carry the leather cuffs in your shop? I have been checking but not able to find them... I have gathered up all my needed items to make this and just need that dang cuff!


Is this easy tutorial still available???


That's so special - what's artful 1375?


These jewels are wonderful! Just find out your blog. SO inspirational!

Heidi Hines

That is so cool!!! What a great idea!! I love vintage things!! We don't have alot of store's here in Cincinnati. ;( It is really Beautiful that u came up with that!! ;)


girl...the jewelry is amazing. the rings are so beautiful. YOU are amazing.
your weekend sounds so very intriguing.
enjoy more thrifting.

Staci Shuck

Beautiful Christy! Love the reuse of the zipper and it looks awesome on too!


What an awesome project! I so admire your creativity and talent. You completely inspire me all the time :)

Have fun at ALT! Say Hi to Michelle for me--I'm on her PDW DT, too :)


oh, that bracelet is amazing! love the color combo and all the textures!


Well, aren't you the CLEVER-EST! I love this...what a gift to be able to take odds and ends and create art...wearable art, at that!

so fun to see you fly, Christy.
HUGE hugs-

Rhonna Farrer

stop it right this minute!!!!
you are BRIL!

amy~ the gypsy chick

that bracelet TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!
i hope that you have a safe trip[ home!

Annette A.

really awesome...thanks for sharing

Carol E

You said there's a super easy video about the zipper flowers but I don't see the link to it.


Amazing bracelet! Such a fun idea.

Suz Gray

Beautiful bracelet!

Glad you are having fun here in ATL the weather is beautiful today isn't it.

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