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January 05, 2011


Pak I.

Christy, I love all the creativity using mixed media! I love everything distressed and vintage. I do think all the extra pockets on the purse you made is totally necessary!! JUST LOVE IT! Hope to win, Thank you for wanting to give it up, it's so sweet! Toodles- guess it's not a word but I like it. Pak

Heidi Hines

Wow you have an amazing talent girlie!! You have moved me in so many ways!! I need all the creative and uplifiting things in my life right now!! I'm going to start my creatived right now and I'm going to stop thinking about the bad things like cancer? Its horriable I have to wait this long for news? I thought my heart valve thing was bad but, I think the worst is knowing you might have cancer. so, thank you so so much for showing us that you can pull out ever thing inside as being creative!! I can't wait to see your purse project!!! Thanks a Millions.......

Amy Baldwin

I totally love this piece! The bird, the cage, the texture and colors! Awesome!

Kathy Carbonneau

I can totally relate to your fears... this year my word is balance :)

ana smith

great word. i might just make a canvas (it would be my first venture into mixed media)for my word....CREATE!


Your canvas is beautiful.
Interesting word, Leap, more meaning than just jump. I like it! Can't wait to see your LEAP!

Ally White

Super cute canvas!! Love it! Thanks for the inspiration.


Beautiful creative work you are doing. I love your canvases.

Thanks for the reminder to leap. I've been dreading a trip I'm taking on Friday, and this helped to lessen those feelings. :D

Christine N

What a wonderful word! I can't wait to see what you do this year!!!

Your canvas is beautiful!


This totally makes me cry today. I've been getting up my nerve to start this year eventhough we are already 5 days in. My word this year is conquer and my scripture Mark 11:23. On a wing and a prayer I'll take the leap. I'm ready.

Sylvia Drown (Baxter's Mom)

Hi Christy! I can relate to this on so many levels...and because I start to doubt myself and move on to something else, and start to doubt myself and move on to something else again, I have chosen FOCUS as my word for 2011. And, I've signed up for Ali's class to keep me on track and FOCUSED!!! Love, Love, Love your art!


Your canvas is great, really great! I truly get the "what if" and your chosen word of leap. I have been scrapping for about two years, but I have done crafts of some sort most of my life. I have never even attempted to send to a magazine or enter a challenge because what if no one likes what I do or how will I feel when I am rejected. I did manage to post some lay outs for BPC in 2010, and the sky did not fall on me! Maybe it is time for me also to take that leap and stretch myself just a bit further. I am not expecting to be published, but I hope to learn from the experience. Thank you for the inspiration.

Michelle Rydell

What an awesome idea Christy! Your canvas is beautiful! My word for 2011 is focus. Now you've inspired me to create a canvas too! Good luck with your leaping!


I LOVE that quote, and your inspiration piece! Wonderful, beautiful job!!


It's totally gorgeous!


Oh Christy, your canvas is gorgeous! I have signed up for Ali's class, and it is wonderful...take the leap :) and sign up for it! :) This is my first year choosing a word also...or rather it choose me...HAPPY. I've enjoyed looking at all the canvases you have created, and I feel encouraged to create my own so I have something tangible to see my word everyday. Thanks for sharing!

Bethany C.

LOVE your canvas! Thanks for the inspiration to make one!! I too jumped on the band wagon this word is 'cultivate'.

Martha Richardson

GREAT word!!! Mine is RECONCILE...accepting some situations that at this time I can not change!

Sharon Osborn

Oh Christie, this is perfect! I am having so much fun using the Scarlet Lime kit and creating my canvas (please do that again-wonderful way to use up a kit!)anyway...last night I chose the word "Savor"-and this morning I added it to the canvas! Wow-great minds do think alike :) Blessings on your day-thank you for sharing on your blog :)

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