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January 25, 2011


Becky H

What a wonderful post. I have been going back and reading blogs and yours inspires me to have dreams and create again.I have RA which is a lot like your Fibromyalgia and some days I just ache, so its hard. But I am creating and taking your workshop so I am doing good.


Wow! Wow! Wow! WOW!! Your life in incredible. I wish I read this when I was 10 and not when i am 38. I would have been much more daring had I read this. Maybe I will read some of this to my kids beause its so inspiring. Hats off to you girl. You're amazing.

alicia king

holy crap...i finally got to my post today :)

Christi Aaron Wright

Wow is all I can say! I love the way you communicate! I really can't wait to read a novel or it was interesting in getting to know you! I likethe fact that you are down to earth! One day I would like to be where you are, but until then creating cards, scrapbooks and some altered art is all I need! I can't wait till CHA products start hitting the stores!

Susan G

Hi Christy,

I just started reading your blog recently and I loved your honesty in sharing things about yourself. I would love to start a blog and reach out and do something!!!, but I really don't know where to begin. You have ignited a tiny spark with your paintings. Thank You!!



Ahhh....I love your blog and your amazing art. I always feel a little weird because I too have such a huge family. Not too many people have 8 people living in one space and sometimes that in itself feels weird when you look at other blogs and everyone seems to have small families.

We have so much in common: the thrift shopping, independent kiddos, we live simple (not anthropology), and my front living room has not had carpet for almost 2 years because my kiddos spilt something pink on it when I was away on vacation! I hate to have people come over and see that room. I had two in diapers, I don't know how you did it with three.

Your art inspires me when I stay up late and the house is quiet I look at your art and play in my studio (a room my husband built for me) to keep me sane, I suppose. Thanks for sharing your talent with me.

Have a blessed day:)

Angela Churchill

I loved reading your list! I blogged mine too...


Thanks for posting this! I loved learning more about you!

I recently posted some random things about me on my's the link...

Jen R

Thank you, thank you for sharing this. Your honesty is so endearing! I love it. And as far as reality tv...there should be a club for closet reality junkies - I am right there with you. Thank goodness I have family & art to pull me away. :)

Toni K

I loved this! You are so much like every woman with your insecurities. and so much like me about your little old house with old carpet ;) And pj's are the most comfy thing in the world. Why not wear them all day?
Thanks for sharing! Maybe I'll get to posting on my blog later.


Thanks for sharing more about yourself Christy - You're amazing!


I loved reading your "novel". :) Thanks for sharing, it's nice to get to know each other like that. :)


Love this!


Love your post. Thanks for sharing. Great to learn more about you. Bless you for all you do - for you, your family, and all of us in cyberworld.


Thanks so much for sharing your top isn't it amazing how we can just picture someone and then be totally wrong when we get to know them....because honesty, I had no idea that you had 6 kiddos and lived in a small house in a small town. I pictured you as living in a grand home in California or something, having 2 - 2.5 kids (what's up with 2.5?- LOL)!!! heehee...And I have no idea why, but thanks for clearing that up! LOl! I adore your work! You are truely a Rockstar all around!!!


trying again


Oh so much fun! Here is mine:

Amanda St.Clair

Great post, Christy. Thanks for sharing parts of yourself with us!

Here's my list:


Okay... I did it... and felt a little silly, but here you go:

And, Christy... we love that you share with us... we wouldn't keep coming back if we didn't. You rock... you just do.

Annette A.

I have also been diagnosed with PCOS. I know exactly what you are going through. I have found it very difficult to deal with. I found out about 8 years ago and still deal with all the problems. Well thanks for sharing about yourself.

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