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January 14, 2011


Barbara Messina

I am always inspired by nature...birds, gardens, etc. Also old quaint churches. I am inspired by vintage clothing and jewelry and love getting my hands on old letters...especially love letters from another time. Love all of your ideas and am excited about the mixed media workshop.


This bag is marvelous!!! LOVE all of the pockets and colors


love the bag!!


what inspires me? the fact that I am 5'10" and i could pull of this bag!!!!!
you inspire me. seriously. i went over and wrote on the chalkboard "today skirts" as i have a small pile of sweet fabric waiting for me to make skirts for my girlies. they wear them proudly, so i make them happily.
ah! now i need time to play with some bag ideas.
you truly rock!

pam allen

That bag is sooooo cute! I love words as pattern, I love to use old books, music sheets in my crafts. I am inspired by colors and others work online in magazines etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

Dawn B

Oh Christy, I just love that bag. It would be the perfect late birthday gift:) I get inspired by all the fun crafty stuff I see and just pray that one day I'll be able to enjoy doing crafts again. In the past couple months honestly, your collage work has really been inspiring me, I have been loving all the art you've been doing. I was so thankful for your tutorial and I am going to watch it over and over again until I create a collage. That is my number one goal for 2011. Also, Melody's videos she did the past couple weeks have been helping me to get more inspired and motivated. Winning this bag would make me so happy and really inspire me because everytime I looked at it and used it I would think of you and all your beautiful art work!!


DIG THIS BAG!!!!!!!!!

my kids, hubby, music, friends, amazing creative souls who follow and trust their path....inspire, inspire, inspire!!!


Laura Sexton

Holy cow! That is seriously the CUTEST purse I have ever seen! Great job!!!


beautiful lovely bag. I am inspired by people of great personality, colors, things such as magazines around me. The little details always inspire me..

Jamie K

My son!! Right now he is building an entire replica of a Pacman arcade screen out of clay on our dining room table. Clay is spread out everywhere. I LOVE it!!! Thanks for this great giveaway Christy. The bag is GORGEOUS. :)


What an ADORABLE bag! So cute! I love all the different patterns and colors! LOVE IT!

I'm inspired by lots of things. It's hard to choose. I think feelings guide me the most. If I see it and the feeling strikes me that it's good, the inspiration grows. I'm definitely inspired by good friends and family members. Working and single mothers amaze me... I'm very inspired by all they endure and accomplish. There's just so much good in the world to inspire us! We just need to be on the lookout for it!

Amy Harrison

Amazing!!!!! I love everything you come up with!

DeVonne LaDue

What a cute bag! Crafty people inspire me! Thanks for a chance to win :)

Karen Tatro

I am inspired by scrapbook papers and embellishments and by the colors of yarn I use when knitting or crocheting.

This bag would be so helpful to me in my needlework projects. I have three going right now and sometimes lose my way. The designs and colors on it made me smile.

Mandy C

WOW! Christy - you are a great inspiration to us all!!! I get inspired by the things around me, looking at ways to use everyday items in a different way. The net is inspiring too, finding all manner of things...have you ever just typed in a word you were thinking about into google?? It is fun to see the results! Keep on inspiring us all Christy - thanks!

Katherine Lee

Nature inspires many beautiful creations! A never-ending supply!
The bag is wonderful!

Renee Hicks

My sister inspires me. She is person with Down Syndrome. You will never find her without markers, paper, scissors and glue in her spare time. She loves to create and she is my number one critic of color choices. She has always been a scrap booking artist but not in the way most of us think. She uses magazine pictures of her favorite country artists and creates color and imagination pages with love for the artist in mind. She really enjoys looking at my scrap designs and sharing that special time with me creating something memorable sisters should.

Renee Hicks

I love the bag! It sings of my style. You are full of endless surprizes! luv it!

Faith Tankersley

Love the vibrant colors of the bag. Nature and its colors are a lot of my inspiration. This comes thru in my scrapbooking, as well as my home. Oh yeah, and my 2 beautiful grandchildren are also a BIG inspiration.


This bag is awesome. Love the color, pattern and texture combination. Would love to own this!!

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