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January 19, 2011


I can set a target and achieve that. I love difficulties of running. Because you use your effort to run and you will feel wonderful after that.

Toni K

Great finds :) That skirt will make an amazing apron, or two. Those dishes remind me of growing up. and another phenominal canvas!


Love this whole post, start to finish. So much to comment on, but I have to say, I'm so so so drawn to your canvases... they really speak to me. each one I love better than the last one I saw, I don't get that.... :) It's just not me, usually. SO SO SO glad to be signed up for your class. I've been doing some experiments on my own and am having fun but know there's much more to learn! :)

Christine N

Oh Christy, I used to own those dishes but lost them somewhere in one of my moves. Maybe it was when I moved from IF and left them behind. I wonder how many peeps would have owned them between now and then (about 30 years)!!!

Please share how you make the apron. Would love to see it!!


oh my goodness! i want to run to my nearest thrift store. i made a promise to myself that i wasn.t going to buy ANYTHING for myself or the house (except food and stuff of course...the kids would have a revolt) in the month of january.
it.s been REALLY interesting i must say.
bring on FEBRUARY.
i really wanted to come up to the summit. it looks like it is going to be SO good. hope you will share what you learn. love you ever so much my ohhhhhh sooooo talented friend.

Laura Clauson

I love to go thrift shopping with my daughter. It's funny how one person's junk is another person's treasure. Love the apron idea!!

Jill Green

Great idea making an apron from that lovely skirt! You'll show the finished product, right?


Beautiful canvas & I love the skirt!

amy~ the gypsy chick

love your finds!!! i hope that you have a great trip!

Holly S

An apron out of that awesome skirt??? brilliant.

Courtney Walsh

I love that skirt!! It's sooo super cute. :) What great finds, Christy!

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