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January 28, 2011


Venetian blinds

I also want to starting DIY project for home decorating and I use some of recycle fabric to make a curtains.

Robert Cave

The knowledge on your website never confuses me


That is such a cute project - love it and I just may try it. Also, where on earth did you get that coat? It's adorable!


love and some more love with these fun hand warmers!!!
love the colors!!




I love all of those vintage earrings! And, the cuff is gorgeous! Would so love to have one of those....and the old sweaters in my closet are looking pretty good now for the recycled use! Thank you for sharing your creativity!


Great finds and super re-do ideas. I have no kid's sweaters but will look for a couple on my next thrifty shop. I could really use something to keep my hands warm when I'm on the puter or crafting.

Toni K

Love those arm gloves!
I tried to put the badges on my blog, but I'm unable to copy and paste it :( Any ideas?

Christy tomlinson

Sheila! Lol nope not me! Lol.. I got these a month or so ago! Lol

Anita Van Hal

COOL gloves!!! That china's the same pattern that belonged to my husband's grandmother years and years daughter inherited them! Thanks for sharing!


ahhhhhhhhh... after i saw that awesome bracelet you made i have been trying to win earrings off ebay... now i know i'm being outbid by you !!!! ha ha ha

Cim Allen

I love the DIY project ! Have fun at CHA

Amy Patterson

I have fallen in love with your blog! Love your finds and fun ideas. And I'm so excited to know you are teaching at Inspired!! I'll see you there! Can't wait to take your class!

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